Monday, November 08, 2010

A Moment in Time....

Yesterday I never got around to posting my page for the day. Instead I got out for awhile in the afternoon. HB was watching football so I thought it would be a good time to have some time to myself. Plus I had coupons for Michael's and Joann's!

I went to both stores and the only thing I bought was four dowels. They're for something I have in mind. I'll tell you more about it later. For now it's just in the planning and idea stage.

It was fun to wander around the stores just looking at everything. Of course, it's all about Christmas already. Sadly, the coupons went unused.

The word for yesterday was moment. I thought of a moment in much time....and as I thought about it the clock right above my worktable was ticking and with each second I thought about how many more moments do I have. So here's my page for yesterday....

The background was one I did probably a year ago! I spray painted it using stencils. It had just been sitting in one of my journals waiting to be used. I simply added a couple of stamped images of clock faces (forgot to add hands!) and the words and called it done.

I'm also working on another graph paper doodle....

It isn't finished yet....maybe later today I'll finish it. I love doing that woven design! It's looks complicated but it's so easy to do. The page isn't turning out how I had envisioned though. I wanted the circles to be as if you were looking through holes down to the woven design underneath. It isn't looking that way but that's ok. I still like it.

I never did do a page for the word on Saturday....esoteric. No matter what, nothing came to me. I struggled with it but when I have too tough a time I know nothing is going to happen. So there was no page done that day! I don't mind challenging words but they also have to have some connection for me and that one just didn't. At least nothing I could translate into art. Today's word is virtue....I'm working on it!


  1. Love your journal page...and you are so right about the moments.....we need to treasure all the special ones.....

    I so admire your dooling...I can't seem to the hang of it to make it look as good as yours....I'll keep trying....

  2. I absolutely love your journal page and the message you have written. Always a timely reminder, thanks:)
    I love the doodling, I will have to get some graph paper, it might help me with proportions and balancing mine. I love the idea of looking through a magnifying glass as your weaves, this is the first thing that came to mind when I saw it.

  3. I always forget and leave my coupons at home. Love your Moment page!

  4. its christmas here too... a bit too early! love your time page... where do you get all those creative ideas from? Youre always coming up with something new!!

  5. That journal page suits me too! Very pretty and oh so perfect for how I think!

    I liked the Michaels used to lets you just buy one item 50% off when you asked! Now I never have the weekly coupon with me when I need it. I end up not bothering to shop at that I wonder how much business they lose now.

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Ahhh, Virtue should be an easy one for you Janet!! Love those pages, you've got that really cool artsy font and your Zentangling just rocks on that graph paper!!

  7. I love your moments page. I concur with all it says. I am being put through a battery of test (medical) and am very tired of the whole thing. Just want to play and be happy.

  8. Hi, I just came across your blog for the first time.I was happy to see others Art jounal like me.Mine are like scrapbooks of my "likes" in life but without photos.I am not an artist but have been doing this for maybe 20 years or so.I don't use them in my blog because I lack talent for anyone but me.Please drop by my blog and get to know me if you like. Denise

  9. Love your moments page, Janet! I actually think the handles missing gives it an open ended something that fits with your words. Love your doodles too as always.

  10. I really like the clock faces with out the hands....
    Hard to believe you went shopping and did not buy a book!!!! Hmmm, are we feeling well?
    It would be a real challenge for me to come up with "art" from a random word, I always like seeing what you do with these.

  11. Did you ever read the essay that floated around the net about the radio fellow and the jar of marbles? Wonderful story about how to make sure you don't squander your time.


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