Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My Choice....

Wow....two days in a row! I'm really on a roll! When I saw Dawn's word for today's journal page (choice) I knew lots of people would do something about the elections. But I'm so SICK of hearing political ads that I could just scream and if I never have to think about politics again for a long time it will suit me just fine. I'm not un-patriotic but I think politicians have gone way overboard on advertising! Why don't they use some of that money to actually solve problems? Ok, enough of my soapbox!!

And besides that, the first thing that popped into my head when I read "choice" was Choice USDA beef! Not because I eat it but because I don't! So here's a fun little page I did....

Here it is on the work table in all the messiness. I used watercolors for the background, added some bubble wrap painted areas, and stenciled the word along the side of the page. Then I printed out the image of the cow and the words I wanted to use. It was a simple page and it's not too interesting but it says what I want about choice. There were so many other ways I could have gone with this but I stayed with something safe!

This journal almost doesn't fit on my scanner but here's a close-up of the page....

Now I just hope all those beef guys don't sue me like they did Oprah! Actually the funny thing is, my paternal grandfather was a cattle rancher in Kansas. He raised beef cattle and that's what I grew up eating. But today with all the hideous things they do to our food, I prefer to stay away from meat. It's bad enough what they do to fruits and veggies!!

Have a good day....and try having a meatless meal now and then. The cows (and pigs) will thank you for it!


  1. I am for the Cattle, let them live and enjoy their life out on the range under the sun, moon and stars without having any worry's that'll they will be shipped off to the slaughter house!

    I used to eat beef, haven't eaten any beef now for 20 years or more, not sure when I had stop eating it though, however I still do enoy eating poultry from time to time as well as fish.

  2. This rocks!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I LOVE your journal page, Janet! I haven't eaten meat or poultry in over seven years so your page resonates with me. Technically, I'm a Pescetarian which is a vegetarian who still eats seafood, although I rarely have it.

    Rats, I didn't know there was a NaNoJouMo or I may have signed up. I decided not to do the NaBloPoMo this year as I didn't like that they don't have an 'art' category. Ah well, maybe next year, I'll join in.

    Have a lovely evening!

  4. great journal page Janet.
    We have state elections this month too and I'm sure I will be sick of the advertising by election day too. I always say the same as you, money would be much better spent on fulfilling their election promises.

  5. Wonderful Journal pages.
    It is always such an inspirational visit to your pages.
    I have been off the blog land for quite a while.

    I have no idea where my time goes these days.

  6. I love the page - even though I'm a steak sorta girl - and I agree, those damn politicians and their ugly nasty campaigns. I still make choices and I still vote... I just wished I was voting for a human rather than the lesser of evil greedy robotic f'ers

  7. Another great page. Yes sick of those negative ads...and the phone calls OMG! I feel better when I eat healthy/meatless.

  8. I love that page, I got a giggle out of the cow and your take on it...we shall call you Oprah 2

  9. I am so glad we'll hopefully get a respite from it all - the automated phone calls/commercials/flyers (how many trees died for this election?!). Even in one case, by a local politician - e-mails (I still don't know how they got that - and I'd sure like to know, so I could remove myself from whatever mailing service they bought it from. If any politicians ever read this - this is not a tactic that works! I sent every e-mail to spam).
    Anyway, love your concept and journal page, Janet!

  10. You did a great page with the word. I understand about the politics crap. I just wish sometime my candidates would win. Its hard living in a state so dominant by one party. There were a whole slate of candidates with no choice just one person running. That annoys me.
    Anyways its over and we still have the same idiot for a governor. Oh I think I'll go do some art instead of lamenting.

  11. (Hanging head and scuffing toes) I still eat foods with faces. And I love your page!

  12. Great interpretation of the word Choice (I am so with you about the politicians and advertising... it was so negative this time). Safe or not, you created an interesting page and I enjoyed seeing it.

  13. I like your cow page a lot. Twice a year is about the only time I eat beef(when we go to California, InNOut Burger.) I haven't been blog hopping much lately, so got to go read the rest of your posts.

    Yes indeed, glad the nasty political ads are over, till next time!

  14. I so agree about the campaign ads. I told mom the other day, if someone said, I am going to donate all my campaign money to a good cause -- I would vote for them immediately!

  15. Anonymous1:28 AM

    hahahha this made me chuckle thank you for being so open and free spirited.. I to was thinking everyone would do something on elections I did on choice of love... not very creative but it works. thanks again

  16. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I'm with you! I could so live without Meat....and actually totally would if my hubby didn't love it so much..so we try to strike a balance here in my house....

    he eats it when I make it, I make it rarely, and there ya go!

    works for me!

    ciao bella

    love your page....and it's message!

    creative carmelina

  17. It may or may not be politically correct, but I adore choice beef, too!


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