Monday, November 15, 2010


I am terrible at following through on art commitments! I get side-tracked so easily. I think I must have the attention span of a gnat! On Saturday the NaNoJouMo word for the day was mystique and I showed you a sketch I had started.

Long story short - I worked on that page off and on all through the weekend and today. I didn't get much done on my other things because I kept coming back to the image of the girl I sketched.

Here's where I'm at with her now....

She needs more work but I need to move on. I'm behind two pages on the NaNoJouMo, didn't do the Art, Heart and Healing lessons and still have the lesson from Paint Free to complete.

You can see her mouth needs work and everything needs to be shaded a bit more.

The circles along the left side are not attached....I'm still thinking about them. It was difficult working on this page with anything other than ink. The page is in that big art journal I won and this particular page was fairly slick paper. It's a very nice heavy paper in a beautiful creamy tan doesn't show that way in the photos.

If I had just done a pen and ink drawing I think this paper would have been great. I got in trouble when I started adding color. I finally resorted to using scrapbook papers for the beads and other accents. This painting was definitely a challenge! But I love her!


  1. she is fabulous!!! I'm wondering what inspired you for her, is she representative of a particular ethnicity/culture? She looks so very Eastern European. I love it. I also like the circles on the side, but pushed all the way to the edge.
    She was worth all the trouble she caused. I love her too!

  2. Janet, I need to talk to your MUSE! Because he is doing some really beautiful things with your ART!! I Love Her!!! She's so cool and eclectic, and elegant, and mysterious!!

  3. She is turning out gorgeously, I knew she would.

  4. mridula6:42 PM

    ooo very nice. tribal influence again?

  5. Oh Janet, she is looking awesome, take your time with her... YOu don't need to rush anything...

  6. Oh, she is just beautiful. I like the circles too.

  7. Third time is the charm, maybe blogger will be nice and let me post. I think you nailed the word with this lady. I clicked on the other piece of art and I can see why you are having a hard time "making it over" all I could think of was an airial shot of a city???? You are doing great, I don't know how you keep up with all of these different commitments.

  8. Janet, she is wonderful!
    I love the dots along the side, it really works for me.


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