Monday, November 01, 2010

A New Month....

It's November already! And so much is going on this month. I joined the NaNoJouMo over at D'Blogala and I also joined Art Every Day Month again. I've tried AEDM before and sometimes I make it through the whole month and sometimes I don't. We'll see how this one goes.

For starters I did a page in my journal using the word "inception" suggested by Dawn for NaNoJouMo....

You may remember this background from earlier. It had just been sitting in my journal so today I decided to use it. It's the first page in one of my newer journals so it seemed appropriate.

The ink that I used to stamp "inception" is a light turquoise and it isn't showing up too good in the photos. I hope you can see it. I also added a couple of strips of paper, some writing and that's it. I didn't have a lot of time today....I'm cleaning up the studio and the family room.

I hope everyone had a good Halloween and didn't OD on chocolate! We had zip - zero - none! There aren't any little kids in our neighborhood so we seldom ever have Trick or Treaters come to our door. I just quit buying the candy because then we'd end up eating it!

Make this a good Monday! And remember to have some fun....


  1. Hi Janet,
    Great page in your new journal for a new beginning!
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Beautiful journal page, love the combination of colors!!

    We had one trick or treater!! And I always buy way too much candy and eat way too much of it!!!

  3. You do such lovely work! The colors go so well with your theme. I look forward to seeing more.

  4. Great journal page! We had over 125 kiddies! Glad to see you have your mojo back!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Wonderful new beginning with green!

    We only had one ring of the doorbell last night. I am thinking of giving the candy to the roofers..very noisy here today as they work on our new roof!

  6. Love it, congrats on getting back in your stride.

  7. Great page, Janet! We had far fewer trick-or-treaters than last year and way too much leftover candy. Fortunately, the hubster can unload it at work. :-)

  8. Love the colors. You always amaze me. You are like the Timex watch, you just keep creating. And beautifully I might add!

  9. Great Page Janet. I am sure you'll have fun in both those groups. I will be doing some art this month but less thatn usual I am sure. Enjoy!

  10. Great page!

    I sent all the left over sweets with Alan the next day, I didn't want it in the house!

  11. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Great page making it gave me create thought to think outside the box.. not just what the word actualy means. Thank you

  12. Love your page, the colours,
    We had 36 trick or treaters and I made hubby take the rest of the candy to work

  13. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Hi have been busy!! Wow, look at you! I haven't been making the blog rounds as usual, been too busy stitching. We also had zero trick or treaters here. I watched the rally all afternoon Sat. wishing I could be there. Your zentangle is fabulous! The journal page is those inks, don't you?

  14. We didn't have any trick or treaters here this year either, it was raining buckets all day, so I ate the lollies :)
    The colours in your page are gorgeous. I love the whole page

  15. Love this. Beautiful journal page
    love those colors together.


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