Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shining a Little Light on Things....

Yesterday I worked on "Mystique" a little bit more. And I kept looking at her and thinking she reminded me of someone. It just kept bugging me until this morning the light bulb came on....she looks a little like Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) on The Good Wife. Anyway, here's how she looks now....

I used my Portfolio oil pastels to do the shading and add some rosiness to her cheeks.

I decided to go ahead and glue down the circles along the side and I added another layer to them. I'm very happy with how this turned out. There are things I would change but I'm not going to stress over them.

And I even got caught up on my art journal pages for NaNoJouMo. Here is the one for the 14th - the word was portray....

Imagine that! I did a page using purple!! Can you believe it??

And here's the page for the 15th - the word was luminous....

I used black gesso for the background, then drew my lantern with a silver Sharpie. I put zinc white on the glass panels and then added a translucent yellow to give a glow of a light.....printed out the quote and I was finished! I could have used this page for the word essence, too!

Today's word is divinity and I have most of it done but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it!


  1. Janet;
    You're so right! She really does look like Kalinda. I love that show! We don't have cable tv but I watch it online sometimes! Really nice pages.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Janet - I think she's BEAUTIFUL!!! As are your pages... I adore the world "luminous". I don't know why...
    it just kind of rolls off the tongue. LOL

    I love coming over here to visit you.

    ;-D robelyn

  3. I've been learning from your site.I like those u-tube classes you shared.Maybe I am an artist,but it's a secret I won't share with very many people,almost no one.In fact,thats the first time I've said it.You encourage me.

  4. Love the circles a lot -- looking at her before and after you really see the growth. She's lovely!

  5. janet - youre lady is truly beautiful she reminds me of an aztec princess or something cant quite put my finger on it... but I think she is one of your best!

  6. just love all that you've been up to! beautiful work, as always!

  7. She is gorgeous! How wonderful that you can see a resemblance in someone and then bring that out! You're a true artist! ♥

  8. Black gesso? Wow never heard of it before! Very cool...yes your mystique does resemble Kalinda....love that show!

    Glad to see you are back in action!!
    Good job!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. She is GORGEOUS! I just love the bright bold colours, and those circles and her necklace!!! Well everything! heheheh, i think she's beautiful and those oil pastels are just so vibrant!

    Beautiful piece!

  10. Cool cool cool Janet! Your woman certainly does resemble Kalinda. She's beautiful. I love your image for luminous as well. I guess it's my fondness of lanterns that causes this image to resonate with me.

  11. Mystique is gorgeous! I'm very much into circles too, so it makes her even more wonderful for me.

  12. Yes Janet, she does look like Kalinda. One of my favourite shows. She is beautiful.
    Your pages are fantastic and fancy you doing a page in purple :)
    Love your lantern too


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