Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Virtue....Telling the Truth

Ok, I 'fess up. The other day when I told you about me going to Joann's and Michael's I failed to tell you that I also went to B&N! I had a coupon for there, too....and I used it! I wasn't going to buy anything. I was just going in to use the bathroom and take a quick peek at the magazines but then I "accidentally" wandered into the artsy/crafty area....and there it was....sitting all alone....just one copy. It looked so sad that I took pity on it and brought it home with me!

Creative Illustration Workshop for Mixed Media Artists by Katherine Dunn
It's a fairly large book, about 9" x 11", spiral bound so it lays flat when you open it....and lots of yummy art inside....

I've only read a little bit of it so far but I am enjoying it. I really like the folk art/child-like paintings. I would love to be able to do that style of art. Maybe this book will help me....who knows....but in the meantime there's lots of eye candy to keep me happy.

Yesterday's word for NaNoJouMo was virtue. And this is what I did....

You can't see in the photo or in the scan below but I've written words of virtue all around the page using Micron pens and gel pens.

The background was one I did a long time ago and it was waiting in my journal for just the right time to be used. Yesterday was that time. I added some stamps, a few scraps of paper, the dictionary page with virtue defined, my own drawing of the flower, some doodles, the words, and called it done. The word for today is forge. I wonder what I'll come up with for that one!

Enjoy your day whatever you're doing....


  1. You just happen to wander in to use the toilet-now listen here Janet the others may believe you but I am a bit sceptical about the excuse. :)

  2. Hi Janet,
    OK, you've given me a laugh for the day-needing the toilet in a book shop and oh dear, the lonely book just had to be purchased. lol
    Well done on imagination!

    Lurve your latest bright page.

  3. Very nice find...sometimes books just call to us!


  4. Isn't it great when those wonderful find just call our name?

    I love your page; great colors...

  5. I almost made a comment yesterday about B&N!!! I have the same book and, like you, am enjoying the folk art look. It makes my fingers itch! :D :D

  6. I am having a little chuckle about that one Janet. You sound so much like me.
    How can anyone resist giving a poor little orphan book a home?
    Your virtue page is so bright and cheery.

  7. ooo art yumminess inside that book!

  8. "I love your wonderful excuse" ha ha ha

  9. What a wonderful blog. This is my first visit and I started out reading the first post and then had to go on to read them all. I saw myself in some of your posts. I too have stopped at B&N to use the restroom and came out with several books (it's like Lay's potato chips; I can't go in and only get one. T enjoyed it thoroughly.
    Johnina :^A

  10. Thank you for the info. and encouragement.Where do you get your words for the day?Are they given to you by someone else?I love your flower ladies, so pretty.

  11. That book looks so inviting. I think it is time my sister and I had a Barnes and Noble day.

  12. Very cool book and I love the page. Lots of energy!

  13. That book looks AWESOME! I 'accidentally' buy books quite a lot...hehehe ;)

    Another great page!


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