Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting Mail is So Much Fun!

Well, here I am again with another week of no blog posts. This time of year is never my best time for creating. There's just so many other things to do and sadly my art takes a back seat.

I've been baking cookies! My kids would be very upset with me if they didn't get their box of cookies for Christmas so as of yesterday the cookies are officially on the way to Alaska and Delaware. Now HB is wondering where "his" cookies are so guess I better keep baking!

Several days ago I had some fun things arrive in the mail. The first item was from Kate....does she know me or what??

She sent me the lavender apron with lots of pockets. Don't you just love it? Here's a close-up of the apron minus the chubby gal!

As I told Kate, the apron would be great for the studio but I'd hate to get it all messed up so I'll use it in the kitchen because everyone knows I never cook! That way it won't get all messy!! Thank you, Kate! I love it!

Also about the same time, I received some art that I won over on Tinker's blog. Aren't these great?

They're all skirts of different styles. I think my favorite is the barefoot woman sitting on the steps. That one really speaks to me. And of course the skating skirt in bright red for the holidays is also a favorite. They're all favorites! I want to find a frame so I can put these in my studio. Thanks, Tinker! You know I love your art!!

Other than that I have nothing to show you for all the time I've been missing. There has not been one bit of art created around here unless you consider the decorating of the house as art....or baking cookies. I guess both of those things are creative. Just no pictures of any of it yet.

I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season....and thank you to everyone who has sent me Christmas cards. I'm going to be sending mine out tomorrow. I hope they aren't too late!


  1. I'll be watching MY mailbox for a cookie surprise TOO! LOL.

  2. Oh you look so cute in that adorable apron. Yes, baking and decorating is CREATING ART!

  3. You look great...and I love your new lavender apron! Happy holidays, sweet friend! Happy creating! ♥

  4. You look awesome in that photo...that apron is the way you matched your top! You should use it in your art can walk around the house with art supplies in those pockets, or crochet hooks or whatever... It's perfect. I believe in using things...Unless you want to use it for company..then you might want to keep it in perfect shape!! My daughter wears old vintage ones when she bakes, my friend got her piles from the thrift finds... She LOVES them!!!

  5. What a cute and pretty apron! And you look great in that picture sporting your pretty apron too.

    Enjoy your Holidays!

  6. Cute apron...don't be so hard on yourself! You look really cute in it as well!!! I need to get baking myself...usually make a plate for several neighboring families plus a few more.

  7. love the apron! there will be plenty of time for making art come January, now is the time for cookies! I just know how special those packages will be to your children :)

  8. I enjoyed your update Janet... I havent been creating for months! YOu look great in that pinny,like me I would hate to mess the nice pinny up too so would probably save it for best! love you tree!

  9. You look so cute in your apron....what a terrific gift...and pictures as are a loved woman......

    None of seem to get in all the crating we want at this time of year but wait until January, all of us are going crazy creating....

  10. What a gorgeous apron, Love the colours, you look fantastic. Enjoy making your edible art

  11. What great gifts! LOVE that apron!!! Enjoy those cookies! :)

  12. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Hi Janet...what a great gift! it really is so much fun to receive fun mail! right! and you look adorable!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  13. Janet,

    What a treat to see you in the apron. I am so glad you liked it... you could take a picture of all those cookies I am sure they are a siught to behold... All the art I have done are things that are presents so I can't show anything either...


  14. Wonderful apron and I love those drawings.

  15. Such fun and beautiful mail!

    I haven't mailed one present yet. I sent folks expecting things a note saying Christmas has 12 days. We're aiming for 12th Night.

    Cookies. Want to do that, too. This working for a living -- good thing except in December!

    My verification word is "anspin." ANspinning I am!


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