Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Waiting....

This is what my work table looks like. No art has been done for quite some time but I'm going to be getting busy again very soon. I hope you can hang in with me for a little bit longer and then I'll have something to show you. Until then, the studio is neat and tidy and waiting for me....


  1. Hi Janet....thanks for stopping by my blog. I know my blog has been quite boring lately. I'm hoping by the new year that I will get my Mojo back and start creating again.

    I have been doing a lot of reading lately, which I'm really enjoying.

    Have a great Holiday,
    Hugs, Joyce

  2. I hope my studio looks as neat as yours does when I finish cleaning it up.
    What fool starts cleaning there work area up the week before Christmas?--pick me -pick me.
    Janet I hope that you and HB have a wonderful Christmas and that 2011 brings all that you hope for.

  3. That studio looks so lonesome. I should take a picture of mine and you would be aghast at what you see. Pure chaos. I hope you have time for art soon.

  4. Neat and tidy!!!! Unheard of! :D :D :D You are all ready to start again.

    You must be busy decorating (love your tree ... HB has been busy).

    How's LuLu?!!

  5. Thursday will be my clean up day so straight after Christmas I can get into creating. I hope it ends up as neat and tidy as yours.
    Thanks for visiting me too

  6. I eagerly await your next creation, Janet. I like the piece you have sitting on your studio table.

  7. LOl... still looks a lot busier than mine! Looking forward to seeing some new work when your ready to create some!

    Have a great week!

  8. Hi Janet, looking forward to seeing your art. For now enjoy the season.

  9. Your studio looks as though it's waiting for you to arrive in it with a fresh burst of inspiration and enthusiasm in the New Year:) HB did a great job with the lights, hope you both have a wonderful Holiday Season.

  10. Nice and clean..ready to go. I love that feeling.


  11. Janet;
    Your studio looks ready to be worked in... so when you have time you will have a lot of space for your creativity to flow! I really like that orange piece on the side... it has intrigued me!
    Hugs and blessings and Merry Christmas Janet.

  12. Let me just say -- I wish my table looked like that. I'm filling special orders and have been throwing things -- literally. Catch up after vacation -- tough!

    Thanks so much for your card. I finally got mine mailed yesterday morning. MAYBE they'll make it by Friday!

  13. Wanted to check in to see if you were OK. Merry Christmas. :D

  14. Dearest Janet,
    Enjoy your break from doing art. We all need to step away once in a while. Reevaluate and rev up those creative juices. Unfortunately I step away too often. You are such a productive artist and I adore your work. Soon you will be back in the business of making art and happiness. Hope you have a beautiful Christmas my friend. I send my love

  15. I like your work space. Hope your holidays were nice.


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