Friday, January 14, 2011

Art and a Couple of Kitty Butts!

Did that title grab you? Read on....

Can it be almost the middle of January already? Yikes! I'm not sure how good I'm doing with my word for this year....I'm trying to focus on art but some days it just doesn't happen. We still have to eat, wear clean clothes, and have a somewhat tidy home. If I could depend on the maid and the butler to take care of those things I'd have so much more time for art. Unfortunately they're on strike!

I managed to finish the journal page I showed you a couple of days ago....

Nothing fancy but at least I finished it.

I used my Portfolio and Neocolor II crayons for the background. I added some little swirls with white ink but they don't show up in the photos.

Mostly I used acrylics and colored pencils for the flowers, then added details with a paint pen.

I must be really confused about the seasons right now. I'm painting springtime flowers and have an autumn background on my blog! I never do like to follow the pack!

And just for fun I'm including a photo of Harley (bottom) and LuLu (top) watching "kitty TV" ....and showing their best sides!

They love to sit and look out the patio doors. This was taken back when we still had a little bit of snow in the back yard.

I'm off to work on my latest drawing. I promise I am making progress on it and soon I'll have something more to show than washed out photos of pencil lines!

Have a fun day. This is a quote I saw recently.... "the world looks brighter from behind a smile"