Sunday, January 09, 2011

Doin' a Little Bit of Art....

I've been monitoring all the art journal/sketchbook groups going on right now but really haven't been using any of their suggestions or prompts. Mostly I like seeing all the inspiration and ideas, pack it all away in my brain and drag it out at some later date when the mood strikes me.

I did do a journal page theme or anything from the groups. I just pulled out a few things, stuck them down, doodled, and called it done....

all photos are clickable to view larger

Sometimes things like this inspire me to do other art....

I have another face in the works. Here's a sneak peek....

It's not easy to get a photo of pencil on brown paper! I hope you can see her.

On another subject, do you keep all the clear acrylic packaging to use in the studio? Things like this....

become flat like this when cut apart....

and can be used for stencils or for palettes that can easily be cleaned if you don't let the paint dry too long.

As you can see I let the paint dry on this one! This piece was the "bubble" over some item and it's the perfect size for putting out just a little bit of paint plus my small roller will fit in here, too. I left the sides on this one because it was very solid and I knew I could use it that way.

Today I cut up several clear plastic boxes and later I'm going to make some stencils using them. I can't guarantee the healthfulness of using a heat cutter on this stuff because of the fumes so wear a mask if you have one. If you just cut with a blade there are no fumes to worry about. This way I get "free" stencil material!

HB and I are having a lazy Sunday....I'm still in my jammies. It's chilly and windy today so I'm staying in. I hope you have good weather wherever you are....and have some fun today!!


  1. that journal page could be soul journal work! there is something deep and past life in it when I see it... art does that sometimes.. heals :)

  2. Really like the journal page and your recycling tips!

  3. Love the journal page and your new face - very mystic. Great recycle tips also.

  4. Love all the collage in your journal page, it's mystical, regal-looking to me. I love it.
    Thanks for the recycling tips, I use my milk cartons as palettes too. I think I will try running the plastic through my Big Shot and see if it will cut out a stencil. Thanks for the idea.
    Can't wait to see your new face finished, she certainly is coming from your journal page.

  5. Such pretty muted colors on art/journal page....Looks better than a doodle to me.
    Love palettes on the clear plastic. If the paint dries you can cut them up for collages too.

  6. The journal page is very interesting.......and what a great tip to use plastic containers for paint pallets.....

  7. The journal page has a peaceful feel about it. Love the recycling and sometimes using these you can peel the paint off these and glue them to a journal page or etc.

  8. Love the journal page, Janet, and thanks for the great tip on using clear plastic packaging for stencils! Enjoyed the sneak peak and looking forward to seeing more of her. :)

  9. That is a great idea at how you recycle those plastic boxes, something I must remember for myself instead of just tossing them into the recycling bin. Thanks for the great tip.

    That journal page is very attractive and I have to agree with Marlene when she posted; "Very Mystic"

  10. Good idea on the stencils. Wish I knew that a while back. Looks great Janet! Prompts are awesome, but can work as a block as well!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Boy have I been out of the loop. Just got caught up reading a few blogs. I'm really liking these faces and the collage. Glad your mojo is working, great tip on the stencil idea. I just finished my fabric book, got it all posted except the binding.

  12. Yu are so clever, girl, and industrious. Re your journal page. I was just thinking I liked it, then I saw his snail hat. Had to chuckle at that one. I pictured him being devoured. Head first. Well! Can't help my imagination!

    I like jammie days!

  13. Happy 2011 Jan!!!
    I see you are still doing so many neat things with your art! Your journal is inspiring as is all of your art always. Blessings to you dear heart ~ Katie

  14. What a wonderful way to reuse those plastic packages. I always feel guilty throwing them away. Now I wont have to!

  15. Anonymous10:43 AM

    well Janet...aren't you the clever one! making your own stencils! I love that idea...although I do not like the sounds, or should I say smells, of that!

    great journal to pop in here and see what Miss Janet is up to!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  16. I love the idea of just "slapping" things down on a page...maybe I'll try that next...I'm enjoying this journal idea. Your page composition is nice. I never feel like I know what I'm doing as far as that goes.
    Love the snail hat on the man...
    I'm snug as a bug here Janet...cold and yucky outside so have the fire going and just about to make lasagne!

  17. thanks for all the good ideas, and what a great journal page,love the asian influence, or inca it is totaly inspiring

  18. A wonderful art journal page! ( I need to get away from this computer and find my art journal!)
    Thanks for the great explanation of using the plastic sheets for palettes!

  19. I love the new face that is starting. She looks rather Greek to me, I'm not sure why.

    I agree with keeping a list of the journal prompts at various places; you can never tell when inspiration will strike!

  20. Oh dear gosh, you have done such a beautiful journal page that makes me dig up mine. Now where is it?
    First I have to finish a hoodie for my granddaughter, and a jacket for me.
    I made a zentangle the other day, but it's not posted anywhere.

  21. Great recycling! So glad you shared that tidbit as well....


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