Friday, January 07, 2011

I'm a Failure at Shopping!

When we left off the other day I was on my way to do some shopping at the mall. Wanna know what I bought?? A big fat NOTHING! Zero. Zip. Zilch. I spent the entire afternoon trudging from one store to the next only to find exactly what I saw in every other store I'd been to already! No one has anything different anymore. If you don't fall into that narrow marketing band then you're just out of luck....and I fall way outside of it! Skinny jeans and skimpy little tops just don't work for me!!

Soon if some of these designers don't get wise to the fact that we aren't all young and skinny then they're going to be looking at a bunch of chubby older ladies running around naked....and if you look anything like me it won't be a pretty sight!

Ok, that's enough on that subject. If I really get wound up I could rant on that for a week but I won't bore you that way.

We also left off with a sketch in my over-sized art journal. And here it is now....

I really love working in this journal but when it comes to getting a photo of the finished picture it's very difficult. The book won't fit on my scanner bed and when I try to take a photo the pages don't want to lay flat.

I used the Shades of Gray markers to do the top hair and they look very streaky. I hate that about some markers. But all in all I'm happy with how she turned out. I went round and round with myself over how to do the hair because, as you all know, I hate drawing or painting hair. Actually I love to draw the outline of hair like I did in this one but I hate filling it in.

There's already another face floating around in my imagination so I'm going to try to get her down on paper today.

I hope your imagination is running wild today! Have some fun!!!


  1. Hi Janet! I don't think you're a failure at shopping..I think the timing is off. Try again in a month or so as soon as the inventories change. I think you'll have better luck! But then if you're like me, you'll get one hot day blowing through, be convinced you need all those shorts they are selling and then realize that it is still too cold for shorts. They won't trick me this year! :) xo

  2. She is gorgeous! What a fine face!

    Oh Janet, I sympathize with your shopping woes, same experience for me last time I tried to shop at the regular places. Do try Chico's, they have very nice things for sassy gals our age. At least they did last time I looked. Hopefully they haven't gone the way of skinny leggings like everyone else has.

  3. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Hi Janet...I had a big laugh about the older naked ladies running I hate to shop. I buy a lot of clothes from Lands' End and QVC(their Denim and Co. line) for me :) I love what you did on the face. I haven't ever used the shades of gray markers...are those Pitt pens? I need to get back to drawing again.

  4. Oh how I hate shopping for clothes!
    Love the drawing! And her hair is lovely, you have nothing to worry about.

  5. Hi Janet, Your lady is wonderful! I love the details and texture that you've added.
    As far as shopping, I agree, the buyers and designers are out of bounds. I agree with Barbara that Chico's is a nice choice also try jjill - if they're in your area. They have some cute casual things - very comfy.

  6. Love the face Janet and I know what you mean abouy shopping.
    If I go to the bigger stores every thing is brown or black for people my size.
    But I am lucky because a friend has a shop where she makes all the clothes in the shop and they are mainly for bigger women.
    She calls the shop "Petite to Voluptous".

  7. I'm so glad you reminded me not to go use my Macy's gift card yet! Christmas and Thanksgiving came in between my last shopping-for-clothes' spree and I was depressed enough back then!
    Darn, why doesn't Macy's have an art department, then I could spend my gift card on some of your delicious markers and drown myself in my imagination!
    I'm loving your blog and work!

  8. I love the sketch. Have you tried propping it up against a wall and taking a photo that way.

    I really believe in the shopping portal, sometimes its open and you can find more things than you can afford. Sometimes its just closed and all the clothes are ugly or just not you.

    I shopped the day after Thanksgiving and no I didn't by Christmas gifts it ended be all about me. Everything fit and it was in colors I love, I spent way too much money but figured I really needed clothes and the portal was open. It rarely goes that way for me so I took advantage of it. Maybe the next time you go out evrythig will flow and you'll come home with lots of fun things that are right for you.


  9. What a beutiful sketch!

  10. Janet, I feel your frustration when shopping for clothes. At my age, I don't want to be wearing tightly fitted tops with shoe-string straps but it seems that's all the stores go for. Another is stretch T's that fit like a tight glove....well heck, I don't want all my flabby rolls on show. I just can't seem to find nice, flattering tops with a bit of room any more and I'm not ready to dress in granny clothes just yet ~ :(

    I love what you did with your lady and I think the streaks add character.

  11. Hi Janet,
    Oohh, I like how you've finished off this young lady, her hair is great!

    My favourite shopping is for ART supplies!
    I prefer to cloths shop with my sister. I stand in the change room half naked and she throws me cloths to try on. Maybe take a besty with you next time, always better to get a second opinion!

  12. oh how I hate shopping too, the things they sell are not made for my menopausal body, and I am of the opinion that if I wore it the first time it was popular (60's & 70's) then I shouldn't wear it now! Love the new artwork.

  13. Janet;
    I so understand about shopping - I hate it too! It is always hard to find things that fit and I can't do skinny jeans and skimpy tops either - I WOULDN'T EVEN IF I COULD!
    I just keep trying!
    Beautiful girl!

  14. Janet, you're too funny!! Failure at shopping!! Who knew??? Love your girl, LoVe HeR......I think those lines in the hair are so perfect! And see you got to do more outlining of the hair that way!!

  15. I LOVE her face Janet!!! I had to burst out laughing at your post about the designers and is so darn true! I feel the exact same way!

  16. I love the shades of gray! And I wish I was closer to take you shopping! I LOVE to shop and could get you fixed up in no time! And we would have FUN! ♥♥♥ Hope you find something soon! ♥♥♥

  17. Wow! What a joy to run across your blog and your do beautiful work indeed! Looking forward to seeing more. :)

    (and yes, shopping fits into the category of "I used to be disgusted, now I'm just amused.") Most of what is out there feels like there must be some sort of hidden camera planted out there see if we'll really buy these things!

  18. janet - I so symapthise re fashions and shopping for us ahem... 'older ' ladies. I am lucky we have two shops here that I always shop at and they are sort of older ladies orientated, otherwise the fashions of today are not for me either!

  19. Beautiful sketch! Better luck on your next shopping outing.

  20. Janet, you're so funny about your shopping trip. Loved your post and the journal page girl is truly magnetic. She will draw me back to see if you have left her alone in her gray/black beauty or if you change her. Bet she doesn't know either! :)

  21. I like her a lot!!!!!
    I am sending you a site that I use for clothes. The things I have bought here are really made to last and very comfortable. Just a thought....
    If this does not get you in...Just do
    You will see that this is not just for my size, I think it starts at Med. Big Hug, Mary

  22. I never find anything to wear...when I go shopping. I hate to shop!

  23. She is perfection Janet!! I'm having fun in the Strathmore class--this journaling is a new thing for me, but I can see how it can be addicting.
    I hear you on the shopping part--I had such a hard time finding jeans this year--they all fit me like a tight glove--not good, but I refuse to wear the "Mom" jeans. We need more variety--us older girls :)

  24. I know what you mean about shopping. I never find anything.
    So I decided not to go to the mall.
    I just shop dick blick, art supply shops..All my clothes have paint on them any way..LOL.
    I love your drawing..

  25. Hi Janet. It is funny how designers go through those stages when you wonder whether they actually go outside their rooms and see the 'real' people that buy clothes. I see this every couple of seasons and it drives me nuts.
    As for your girl - she is beautiful, I don't know why you don't like doing hair because you do it so well!

  26. Janet I am the same when I shop. Couple of things I try. Go on the off season and buy at the lowest prices. If I see something I love, I buy it in all colors...I am very picky for my weight. Yes imagine how well retailers could do with the baby boomers wanting to stay current. They need to get the hint we don't want to look matronly, or like a teeny bopper. Love they you got your art groove fun!

    Hugs Giggles


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