Friday, January 07, 2011

I'm a Failure at Shopping!

When we left off the other day I was on my way to do some shopping at the mall. Wanna know what I bought?? A big fat NOTHING! Zero. Zip. Zilch. I spent the entire afternoon trudging from one store to the next only to find exactly what I saw in every other store I'd been to already! No one has anything different anymore. If you don't fall into that narrow marketing band then you're just out of luck....and I fall way outside of it! Skinny jeans and skimpy little tops just don't work for me!!

Soon if some of these designers don't get wise to the fact that we aren't all young and skinny then they're going to be looking at a bunch of chubby older ladies running around naked....and if you look anything like me it won't be a pretty sight!

Ok, that's enough on that subject. If I really get wound up I could rant on that for a week but I won't bore you that way.

We also left off with a sketch in my over-sized art journal. And here it is now....

I really love working in this journal but when it comes to getting a photo of the finished picture it's very difficult. The book won't fit on my scanner bed and when I try to take a photo the pages don't want to lay flat.

I used the Shades of Gray markers to do the top hair and they look very streaky. I hate that about some markers. But all in all I'm happy with how she turned out. I went round and round with myself over how to do the hair because, as you all know, I hate drawing or painting hair. Actually I love to draw the outline of hair like I did in this one but I hate filling it in.

There's already another face floating around in my imagination so I'm going to try to get her down on paper today.

I hope your imagination is running wild today! Have some fun!!!