Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Make Art Journal Page....

This year I plan to only blog when I have something to share and to not feel bad if I go for several days without a post. So naturally I've had something to share for several days now!

Yesterday I did this art journal page....and remember all photos are clickable to view larger.

I had already painted the background and stenciled some backwards letters on it and as I paged through my journal it just caught my eye. The little printed piece is from a new daily calendar I have on my computer desk. I thought the message was good for a journal page so I stuck it down and then just went from there with stenciled letters, some random words scattered around and a few lines here and there.

Make art is my mantra right now. I'm having some trouble focusing which I knew I would....that's why I chose focus as my word for the year! I always lose focus so easily. Some glittery new thing always catches my eye and off I go. But at least so far I've been able to rein myself in a bit.

One thing we all love is getting snail mail and I recently got this cool handmade card from Phoenix Peacock....

Then this morning as I read a few blogs I came across this post over on Diva's blog. It's all about making a commitment to send at least one piece of snail mail each month. I didn't officially sign up for it but I've made myself a mental note to do just that. I already have a card and a letter ready to send out today. If you would like to possibly receive some mail from me just send me an email (it's in my about me profile) with your mailing address and I'll add you to my address book.

And lastly, here's a sketch I just did this morning....sorry about the quality of the photo but maybe you can see it....

I think I'll just do her in pen and ink. Sometimes the simplest way is the best.

Now I'm off to do some dreaded mall shopping! I need some clothes and personal items so I have to bite the bullet and go to the mall. Wish me luck!