Monday, January 24, 2011

More Stamps and a Journal Page....

Did you get a lot of art done over the weekend? HB watched football all afternoon yesterday so I got out of the house for a bit. Went to the dollar store and found more erasers!

I think the small round ones with the stars are the same as what Traci Bunkers is using for her stamps. If you haven't checked it out, do so....she's carving a stamp a day for 30 days.

Last night I carved a few more quickie stamps....

A few people asked about what I used to carve carving tool is at the bottom of the photo....that bright pink handle. It's from Speedball. The end of it screws off and there are extra tips stored inside the handle. It's very easy to use and cuts the erasers like butter!

I also did a page in my art journal. Way back in 2000, I wrote a bunch of stuff on this page....mostly just crap! Then at some point over the past year or so I painted over it and added some collage paper. Later I roughed in the outline of a girl wearing a hat. And so it sat unfinished for months and months until yesterday when I decided to actually do something with it.

It's nothing great....just a face on a messy background....

I may add a flower to her hat and do some more doodles but for now she is finished.

Today it's laundry and chores so maybe I'll just carve a few more stamps tonight. Or maybe I'll start using them in some backgrounds. Whatever, I'll do some little bit of art just to keep me happy.


  1. I think she looks great, a flower on the hat would be a nice finish. I am going to check out Traci's site now.

  2. loving those stamps,you stamp demon, I was at the dollar store and bought some stamps, but did not see any round like that, I am going to go to a different one, and see what I find. Loving the girl

  3. Love the stamps and where do you get that tool?

    Hugs Giggles

  4. go all out and put a huge bow on her hat - make it 3 dimensional!!
    I love her hat :)

    I remember carving potatoes in very much the same way - when I was a child.. maybe I could do something like that to let my inner child play!

  5. Your lady looks great Janet and I love the staps.

  6. OMG youre carving faster than the speed of light there! lol... loving the stamps and your girl looks wonderful on that muted background!

  7. Looks like you're having fun making your own stamps! They look great.
    Love the girl you painted.

  8. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Wow! You are on a roll with the stamp carving! I really like how you reused the page in your old journal. This is one of your best faces, I think!

  9. I like your girl, sometimes simple is beautiful. I just might have to make a trip to the dollar store for erasers.

  10. love the idea of making stamps,it's
    something I've never done, looks like a lot of fun and I may try it someday. I like the green eyed girl, a flower or two might be good.

  11. Those stamps are so cute! I really love the one that looks like a little gear that you stamped together to make a pattern. They all look so fun. Addictive, huh? I woke up at 3 a.m. and went looking for my carving stuff! In my rubber room...

  12. I love the Peace and Spiral stamps!! I have a carving set...just need to find me some spare erasers ~ :)

    Lovely pages, as always! I think a flower or bow on her hat would add a lovely finishing touch, Janet ~

  13. sorry, trying to catch up and didn't realise you answered my last question here. I love these little round stamps too. Your lady is looking fab, colourful and cheery. Now I'm off to find out where to get that tool!

  14. that journal page is fantastic! thank you for your tips on the eraser stamps, I wondered how much they were from the Dollar store... what a great deal and you've made some great stamps!


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