Monday, February 07, 2011

Combining Techniques....

Warning!! Lots of photos today! I tried to edit them down and believe me I discarded several so please bear with me.

As you know, I'm doing Julie Prichard's Mixed Media Melange class. And you also know that many times I don't always show what I do in the classes I take. Many times that's because I don't actually DO the lessons until much later....or never!

Now fast forward a bit....remember I mentioned that I had purchased Pam Carriker's Art at the Speed of Life book. I decided to jump right in and do the very first project in the book. It's on pages 16 and 17.

Now sort of combine Julie's class and the project from Pam's book and you'll have what I did today.

I had three 11 x 14" canvas panels that I had started painting on early last year and never finished them. Surprise, huh?!! So I dug them out of the stack and decided to use them. I gessoed over everything and began. There are so many layers on these panels now that I forgot what all I did to them! I know there's some crackle medium, tissue paper, collage, and a stencil that I pushed modeling paste through to get a raised design.

At one point they looked like this drying on my second work table amid a jumble of things....

(all photos are clickable to view larger)

Yuk!! They look horrible! But don't give up....

Here is the first panel on the work table. I love the colors and I wish you could see it up close to see all the texture and layers.

This is the area where I used the stencil and modeling paste. I love how it turned out.

This is the second panel on the work table. As you can see I'm going a bit darker with this one.

More of the raised design.

I love the texture!

And here is the third one on the work table. I really used intense color on this one.

Again, I love the texture!

Here they are all together sitting side by side.

This is actually the third panel with the stencil design on the left side of the panel.

This is the first panel with the stencil design at the bottom.

And this is the second panel with the stencil design on the right side.

I wish I had kept the colors more the same intensity so that I could hang them as a triptych. Maybe I'll go back and add some darker colors to the two lighter ones.

You can't really see it in the pictures but I used some silver rub and buff cream to highlight the raised design on each panel. And the letters and numbers are done with Golden's Iridescent Pearl.

I'm happy with how this project turned out. Combining techniques is fun and you get some really great results.


  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Hey your layering techniques...and the colors are so rich. The textures you got wtih the modeling paste are amazing...I'll have to try that. I like the one on the far left the best...but they are all great!!!

  2. Love the layers..I also like the texture..
    Have a good week.

  3. Wow, those look great, all three. Amazing what happens when you just keep layering on stuff, that texture is so cool. Have a fun week!

  4. Combining the techniques is the BEST way to create! Love these, Janet!

  5. Janet,

    These are fantastic! I have ordered Pam's book, really looking forward to seeing it. I think combining techniques is what mixed media is all about. Good for you, what a great piece you made.


  6. oh wow.. love the colours.. all of them! and so fantastic that you are having FUN, while playing and creating.. keep it up!!

  7. I really enjoy the vibrant colors your selected for these pieces. They came out wonderfully!!! Great techniques!

  8. Janet, I LOVE these, all the colour combinations and variations in intensity, all of the layers building up to the finished piece and I just love the texture. I love using texture paste and stencils too.
    Just amazing.

  9. I'm so impressed. These are gorgeous!

  10. ohhh gorgeous!!! I keep trying to remember to buy some of that modeling neat! I love that texture you made!

  11. Janet, WOW! I love all of the layers, the textures, the colors, just dreamy and wonderful I've not tried using stencils with modeling paste, that sounds brilliant and full of potential. [And there were not too many photos]. Keep creating!


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