Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day Four and Continuing....

Whew! Who knew it would be so hard to do a post each day. I used to do daily posts and never thought a thing about it but for some reason this week has been a real challenge.

Plus I'm in my "gathering" mood. At times I'm very busy with a project but when it's finished I seem to go into a place where I like to have a lot of stuff around me in the studio. I think I'm gathering ideas and working through what my next project will be. Many times when I'm in that place I make collages. I like to have lots of bits and pieces on the worktable and then just put them together to make a collage. Something like my postcards. I enjoy putting random things together in a pleasing (to me) way.

For the postcard giveaway today I have....

This one has an Asian look. I used textured wallpaper, scrapbook paper, an image from a magazine and a sticker.

You may remember seeing this one before. I've added a few little touches to it.

Be sure to tell me if you want to be included in the drawing, and if you have a preference tell me which card you would like. I'll draw two names tomorrow. You have until noon my time (Pacific time zone) tomorrow to get your name in.

The names drawn for yesterday's postcards....ArtfulLee and Mary! I'll get your postcards in the mail ASAP.


I've also been playing with paint. I love just slapping paint on to something! This time I painted some pages from the phone book.

Mary always makes such beautiful papers using old phone book pages so I wanted to try some for myself. Mine didn't turn out as nice as hers but I know I'll use them.

I think it's just about time to replace the brown paper on my worktable! I noticed in that last photo that there's a lot of paint on it. When I replace it I always keep the section where there's lots of paint smears. I'll add things to it and make more paper to use in collages....or I might get lucky and be able to create a "doodle painting" on it. Either way, I'll put it to use!

One more little tip that I do....when I buy stickers that I really like, I scan them into my computer and print them out so I have more copies of them! If I print them out on plain paper or cardstock I run them through my Xyron machine and make sticky backs or I print them out on sticky back paper. Either way, I get unlimited copies of my favorite stickers. This mostly works on stickers that aren't see-thru....but I bet you could print those out on transparencies. You know me....I'm always looking for inexpensive ways to stretch my supplies.


  1. Nice! I love the Asian style one. Pick me, Pick me...

    I've worked all day sorting. I found several of the things I had buried or misplaced. Made a bigger mess, but I feel like I made progress. Those baby steps.

    I know I owe you an e-m response, but I'm exhausted, so hopefully I can do it in the a.m.

  2. P.S. Forgot to add, those painted pages/papers are lovely. Look like watercolor fabric for a summer dress.

  3. I wanna have them all!!

    I have not heard of a Xyron machine. I need to look that up and make my own stickies. I love stickers...for mail, etc.

  4. They are both nice -

    Love the painted papers...

  5. Janet, both designs are nice. I think I like the second one best. It looks like there is part of a Mandala in it in black and white.
    The painted phonebook pages are very nice. What a fun idea!

  6. Lovely! great idea to extend your favorite stickers. I love my xyron machine, best money I spent for my studio so far.

  7. some good tips re stickers Janet, and I love that asian top card!

  8. I love your art...and the Asian look has such beautiful colors and design! You do so many styles of art! I love it all! ♥

  9. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Thank you Janet! Two more great cards! Give someone else a chance to win.I really like your painted phone book pages...the colors you used are soft and spring-like. You could tear pieces of one of your painted pages and glue it to your brown paper for added texture.

  10. Love the phone book pages -- that's very cool. Did you know they aren't going to make the phone book anymore? I'll miss it (even though I hardly use it -- I'm always tearing out pages to put under my art as I work -- I should just keep painting them!)

    Good for you on daily posting -- it's hard! I need to be a better daily visitor!

  11. Great tip about the stickers! I never even thought of that. Now I'll be looking at my stickers in a whole new light.


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