Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm Still Celebrating....

Day three of my week long celebration continues....with two more postcards to go into the mail. All you have to do is leave me a comment saying which one you would like and your name will go into the hat. You have until noon my time (Pacific time zone) tomorrow to enter for today's drawing.

Be sure I have a way to contact you for a mailing address. If both names drawn pick the same card I'll send it to the first person picked and the second name will get the other card.

This one is an inchie collage with a few additions of my own. Actually I think this is all from an Anthropologie catalog. They're just fun postcards....nothing spectacular!

The one above has a cool painted background that looks much better in real life than it does here on the screen.

The names drawn for the postcards from yesterday were Doreen and Carmelina....HB pulled the names out of the box for me. Your postcards will be in the mail tomorrow. Thanks for helping me celebrate five years of fun-filled blogging!!

And don't forget to stop by tomorrow for the next two postcards. You can enter each day.


I thought I'd also take you along with me today as I was running errands. Kate mentioned doing photos about your daily life and it sounded like a fun idea.

First I got dressed....I'm wearing the funky shoes I painted and my usual blue jeans. And that's the crappy carpet in my studio!

We're having some wild weather today....rain, very windy, then sunshine, then rain again.

It was beautiful when I stopped at Target but by the time I came out it was raining again....I got wet!

I snapped this shot while I waited at a stop light....there were lots of Joshua trees right along the highway.

This is an area where I drive quite often and I love seeing the wide open can always see "weather" from this vantage point.

Almost there....

A stop for a few items at the grocery store....

I tried to get my shadow out of the picture but couldn't do it....all my shopping bags in the trunk of the car!

When I got home I realized the almond trees were blossoming! They look so pretty with their little pink and white flowers.

And now I'm home for the day. What did you do today??


  1. I love the photos of your day! And I loved Vons when I was over there, so different to our supermarkets here.
    and those shoes! brilliant :)

  2. Am I allowed to enter again or is that unfair?
    I can never have enough of your art Janet.

  3. I think the second red postcard is my favourite for today.
    Thanks for sharing your photos, the Joshua Tree is my favourite U2 CD. I just love seeing where we all live, it brings us just a bit closer together. You shoes are great and would be fun to wear.

  4. Sign me up please. I love both postcards, so if my name gets drawn send me either one.

    I love seeing photos of peoples travels in a day. I do that sometime when Hubby and I are out doing errands. This morning I didn't take photos, but left the house at 7 a.m. to get blood drawn, went to Physical Therapy, then met Hubby for breakfast at IHOP, stopped at Target, then got a haircut, then home by 11 a.m. I felt really efficient.

    I love your painted clogs!

  5. Love these also, but then again I love your work. We don't have a Von's here...Maybe someday. Yes I want a postcard.

  6. I too am loving your daily photos... and I'm with Robyn... its so different to what we have here! It was exciting to look at!

  7. Anonymous4:39 PM

    I'm also in for tomoroww's drawing :) I enjoyed the photos of your day...Getting ready to watch AI here in a bit.

  8. Love, love your postcard drawings - it is such fun...

    Looks like your day was pretty nice - love the photos...

  9. I love those shoes..... I let others win again. Looks like a great day. It is extremely windy here tonight. I had a full day. Some art in the morning, Knitting group, lunch with a friend, meditation and then dance this evening, now computer time. soon sleep....

  10. Five years!!!!! WOWOWOWOW!!!! Here's to another five!

  11. 5 Years is a great accomplishment! Congratulations! I really like both of the postcards, but the red one is my favorite I guess, the colors are just really pleasant to my eyes!

  12. I would like to win the first one, or the other one I not fussy I love your art, you know that. love the day in the life of

  13. wow, i've never seen an almond tree blossom. also, i am so proud of you girl, no paper or plastic holding your groceries. thanks for sharing your day. congratulations on your 5th anniversary.

  14. Both of the cards are was fun seeing the photos of your day....

    Now please tell me what kind of paint you used on those shoes....I love them and want to do some myself......

  15. Love every bit of this post, but my favorite part might be the shoes!

    Enter me if you like -- but you've been so generous in the past, I'd feel a little guilty to win!

  16. I love the second postcard.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your day in photos, Janet! Great shoes!

  17. I liked sharing the day with you! Wouldn't it be fun to really hang out together! Hugs!

  18. This is a very fun post going along with you!! Great idea!

    Hugs Giggles

  19. What a cute idea!! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely day with us!! Such a beautiful view you have!!

    Take care!!



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