Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's My BIG Day....

It's the BIG day! It's the Academy Awards! You may have read my blog in previous years and know that I usually "attend" the awards. You can read about previous years here and here. This year is no different. I will be there (in my mind) on the red carpet rubbing elbows with the celebrities and big stars of Hollywood and the world.

I searched high and low on the internet for just the right gown to wear. It's always a tough choice but this year I wanted something a little different....not too sedate. I mean if I'm going to have this experience (daydream!) I might as well do it up right.

This first dress is beautiful and a bit daring but just not me....too much black!

I love leopard print but this dress might just be a little too much even for me!

A bit more subdued but still quite different. I like this dress a lot....

But I think this is the one. It was a difficult choice but this dress just seems to speak to me. Plus I like that stormy background!

I have to spend the entire day getting myself ready....bubble bath, manicure, pedicure, hair and make-up, sprayed on tan....all the essentials. It's not easy looking like a 26 year old femme fatale when I'm actually a 67 year old grandmother! But through the miracle of extreme imagination it all works!

Now I'm sure you're all wondering who my date will be for this big event. HB never wants to attend with me so I'm always forced to go with someone else. This year I had to turn down my favorite escort, Johnny Depp. And I also declined an invitation from George Clooney. Instead I'm going with none other than Colin Firth!

Who could resist that smile!! Yes, I know he's nominated for an award, and I'm sure all the TV coverage will show him arriving with his gorgeous wife but that's just a clever cover-up so we can sneak in without all the paparazzi following us!!

We'll be attending all the after-Oscar parties....eating, drinking and dancing 'til dawn....and hopefully celebrating his win. But if not I'll be there to console him and wipe away any tears he might shed. So be sure to look for us in the crowds. I'll wave to everyone and blow little air kisses.

Sanity should return by tomorrow!


  1. With my coloring I would choose your dress as well. Beautiful! I hope you have a glorious time with Colin...


    looks like I'll be on his other arm with you :)

  3. Now I know why Colin told me he was busy this year!
    Have fun..!

  4. You crazy lady! I'll keep an eye out for you. My favorite part of the whole thing is seeing who wears what. BTW, the dress you chose would be the one I'd go with too, such a color. Take it easy on the champagne!

  5. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Haha! I enjoyed reading about your attendance to the AA's. I like the gown you picked...and your escort is ok too...what happened with George? (still suffering from malaria, maybe?) Sounds like a lot of work to get ready...I'd probably stay home :) Enjoy your evening!

  6. I can't wait to hear every detail (But I think Colin is going to be very busy because I thought he was going with me!). I liked dress 4, too -- it was a toss us for me between that and the one you chose, but I'm thinking you picked the right one!

    Well, I'll be thinking of you as I "attend" too -- but I'll pass on the manicure!

  7. Beautiful dress Janet, you will look stunning and on Colin's arm too, I am jealous! You have a lovely day, I will look for you on the broadcast tonight, I am sure you will stand out on the red carpet.

  8. dresses are divine! I'm a huge fan of Colin Firth so I am green with envy that he invited you. You are sure to be in for a fantastical evening....ENJOY! ;)

  9. Always enjoy your OSCAR post! :D :D

  10. HA,,,I thought about you today, Janet. I know how much you Love the Oscars. Hope you enjoy it! Love your dress!

  11. is it over yet?

    anyhow - I hope that The Kings Speech wins every award. it is brilliant.

  12. Love your annual Oscar posts, Janet! The dress you picked is PERFECT!

  13. Janet,

    You never fail to entertain on Oscar night. I'd go with Colin too, I loved him in the King's Speech and I am certain he is going to take home a statuette tonight.

  14. You walked right by me in that amazing dress. Colin had only eyes for you. I think Johnny missed out this year, you were a chick!!!
    See ya next year! Kiss kiss, Mary

  15. Ah Janet. Every year at this time you choose the most divine escorts. And sneaking in right alongside his wife? You shameless hussy. JUST KIDDING! Your dress is 100 times more divine than your escort though. Lovely!

  16. I was so happy to discover you going to the Oscars again this year! And this year I decided that I too should go - I ended up with a Chanel dress, Chanel shoes, and some fabulous Harry Winston bling. And, after much, consideration, I decided to be escorted by Kevin Sorbo. I know he's TV and not movies - but hey, it's my fantasy - LOL!! Thanks for the inspiration - it was a fun, fun, fun internet search.

  17. My stylist and hair/makeup peeps didn't show....I was devasted and refused to attend with my hair just hanging there and wearing yoga pants and a top. I had to send the limo driver on his way. Of course the "team" said it was due to traffic but we all know getting ready begins in the morning. Sooooo that is why Colin was free to escort you....he texted afterwards and said you had a fantastic time...especially after he won the award!!!
    Air kisses

  18. What imagination you have! haha Loved it! Over here from our dear friend Margaret's blog. Look forward to seeing some more of your art, blog posts, and super imagination!

  19. Hope you had fun!
    I saw you on the red carpet!
    You and Colin rocked it!

  20. Oh, Janet, it's just me~!!Was on a "bad computer hiatus", but OK and raring to go~!! Wanted to stop over and peruse your posts and try and catch up~!! I came from wordpress over to blogger with "Time for a bucket list"...
    Now have 4 on Blogger...
    Come visit when time allows..Missed ya~!
    Your GALA evening was super~!~! Hope you enjoyed...

  21. Anonymous6:48 AM

    I love you and your witt!

    Something special came in the post yesterday...I love it!
    Thanks so much, I have it sitting on my shelf, and the colours look great next to my Limoges plate!

    Have a great

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  22. Loved this post. Love the purple dress best too!! Colin Firth was in a 5 year relationship with Meg Tilly did you know that? They have a 21 year old son name Will. A year ago I attended my friends childrens book signing,,,Meg was one of the writers there !! She's very down to earth.

    I love your imagination Janet!! Fun!

  23. I was so out of touch, I missed all the Oscar hoopla, this year - and your Oscar post! When I realized I'd missed the Oscars, I really did wonder what you wore and if Johnny escorted you again this year (I thought that might be why he didn't call - now I'm really miffed! ;) .
    Gorgeous dress. Hope you've recuperated from all the after parties!


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