Sunday, February 06, 2011

Some "Nothing" Journal Pages....

I didn't get back to my blog as soon as I thought I would but I'm here now. It's Super Bowl Sunday....are you all ready for the BIG game?? Do you have a favorite team? And more importantly, do you have enough snacks and junk food to last?!! HB will be watching the game while I spend time either in the studio or reading upstairs.

When I told you about my studio I said I'd be back to show you some art. I haven't done as much as I'd hoped but I managed a couple of "nothing" journal pages. I just haven't been inspired the past few days. The weather has been so nice that all I want to do is be outside.

The page above says just that...."some days are just too nice to stay inside!" It went through several different layers until I finally gave up and went with what I had. I journaled along the left side about taking a walk in the park.

The one above is just some random pieces of paper that were on the worktable and I glued them down and added that last big piece at the bottom. I love what it says...."I think I just broke a nail" I may do some more doodling on that page but for now that's all I did. It really doesn't make any sense but that's ok with me.

I also painted some papers....

and mostly I've just been piddling around in the studio. When I don't have a definite project going then I sort of jump from one thing to another. I do have some canvases started but they're in that "ugly" stage so I'll wait to show you what I'm doing with them.

Ok....enjoy the game if you're watching and if not then enjoy whatever you're doing.


  1. Great journal pages Janet, I always get inspiration when I visit you. Love your papers you are making. I always used to think that whenever I sat at my table I had to create and "finish" something, now I am happy to be doing anything like papers ready for my next project. It still gets the creative juices going and gives you such a great stash of things to use next time.
    Oh and I struggle staying inside too when the weather is so nice.
    Have a great day, I will think of you at work and wish that I could come and play

  2. I love it when you just stick down what is in front of you, seems to work well for you as I love these pages.

  3. Nice pages. I love that "broken nail" one! Pretty painted background pages too.

    No football for me tonight, but Hub will probably keep calling me to come see the commercials.

  4. Lucky you!! Enjoying your weather! I like those pages, what fun to see the word clips too!! I can sure relate to the "think I just broke a nail"....that's why I don't do acrylics anymore :D

  5. Arney is at work, but the DVR is saving the game for him. I will be working on the baby quilt. Yes, I went and got him all his favorite snacks. He worked today and will get home just before the game ends.
    Love your journal pages, I have started one, but seem to have so many other things going on to center on it. Arney is a Green Bay of our local boys are on the team. Have a great day, Hugs Mary

  6. Janet,

    I love that first page. I wish I could say it was really nice outside here. Watching the game so I had better get back to it.

  7. ACK! Lost my comment here...
    Janet your journal pages are so inspirational....Love your creativity.

  8. I love it when you share, because it's so inspirational! As for the game, many Canadians watch, but this home only watches the half time entertainment. We are more apt to watch Glee while put our creativity in to practice! Pretty much like you we just did our own thing!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. So that was what was going on yesterday throughout my neighborhood, the Football Game, I was wondering what all of that hooting and howling was all about, and then smelling the great scent of barbecues all around me drove me wacko while I was outside enjoying this fine spring like weather gardening.

    I really like that one with the nails broke.

  10. I like the "piddling" you have done in the studio!
    the broken nail--funny! I do so many crafts, my nails are never complete! LOL!

  11. Ohhh these pages and your posts always make me smile Janet! xo Didn't watch the Superbowl I'm afraid...not a football fan...hubby went to a guy's party, I stayed home and enjoyed the quiet. :)x

  12. I wish the weather here was nice, it is raining. Honey will only watch the game if his team is playing...I could care less. I can not wait to get my next CPS mag. I will be looking for you. Yeah!
    These are some great pages, I am still working on CQ.

  13. Anonymous1:20 PM

    I do the same thing when there's nothing specific I'm working on in the studio!
    And when the weather is nice...forget about staying indoors, si hear you there! I usually pack up my art supplies and go sketching out and about! Even the local coffee shop works for me!

    I love your 'nothing' journal pages!
    You have a talent!

    Ciao Bella!
    Creative Carmelina


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