Monday, February 21, 2011

A Tale of a Tree Climber....

We have two cats, Harley and LuLu....they're inside cats and not allowed to go outside. A few months ago someone's cat in the neighborhood had kittens and they began showing up in our back yard much to the dismay of Harley and LuLu.

This morning it was quite a show....

Click on the pictures to get a better view

as three of the cats watched from the sidelines and a fourth one went out on a limb!

By this time Harley and LuLu were beside themselves, running from window to sliding door and back again.

The little daredevil actually went a bit farther than this before deciding it might not be such a good idea.

Turning around, the cat gingerly made it's way back down the tree....

and onto the fence....that's the daredevil on the far right. Some time during the "performance" one of the other cats got bored and wandered off. Harley and LuLu enjoyed the new channel on kitty TV!!


  1. How funny - When I moved into the new apartment - Killian spotted a cat outside and he was just beside himself...talking and following it with his eyes...

  2. Oh, Janet! My sweet orange boy gets all bent out of shape when anyone ventures into his yard. I fear the sounds from his mouth if there were three!

    They are adorable.As you know, I'm a sucker for an orangey kitty -- my boy is feeling poorly these days; I wish he was lots younger...

  3. I enjoyed Kitty TV too! Great shots! I can imagine Harley and Lulu's frustation - my cat behaves the same way when we get a visitor.

  4. Oh Janet, one of my biggest fears is having my cats get outside! Looks like they had fun though!
    Much Love

  5. What a fun little show for your kitties! I'm sure mine would hiss and growl (yes she growls.)

  6. WOW! They sure have found a haven in your yard much to the chagrin of your kitties.

  7. All the orange cats remind me of Col. Mustard but he does not have white feet like they do. Our cats climb trees too, especially Boromir. But they only do that in the summet.

  8. Thanks for the update on Kitty TV Janet. My little dog would be going berserk wanting to get out, the trouble is, she is smaller than them and is all bark LOL

  9. awwwwww!!! what beautiful cats. I thought that first picture was photoshopped! lol.

  10. Nothing like a bit of free entertainment eh Janet as it kept you busy for a while as well.

  11. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Janet...cats are fun...I'm a dog person but I think cats are so cute, especially kittens. At least that kitty figured out how to get back down out of the tree. We can't have cats now because our Rottie doesn't appreciate them.
    Have a great day!

  12. Fun post, glad your kitties found a program they enjoyed.

  13. how cute, at least you didn't have to call the fire dept.

  14. wow those cats look grown up already.

  15. the cat circus presents.....

    funny !!


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