Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things...

I'm giving you a break from postcards today. I thought I'd give you a glimpse into some of my favorite go-to art supplies. I got the idea from Lee's blog. She had a very interesting post today showing some of the things she uses most often. Be sure to check it out.

First up are the journals I'm currently working in....

I seldom work in just one journal. Some days I want to work small and fast and then other days I want to work big and slower.

Next up are my pens....

I have tons of pens and markers but these are the ones I always reach for when I'm working.

Mediums....use these all the time. There's one missing though. I'm all out of Mod Podge and need to buy more.

As you can see these scissors get a lot of use and abuse! I'd be lost without them though. The black blades are sticky-proof and I use them most often because if I cut through something that has glue or medium, it won't stick to the blades. You'll notice I'm not too careful about cleaning them!

Paint! Gotta have paint. I'm not picky about what brands I use unless I'm doing something really special. I just buy whatever strikes my fancy.

And last but not least is my trusty dictionary....

I tear pages out of here to use in almost everything I do. I like that they're thin and sort of disappear into the background. This isn't a fancy vintage dictionary. It's just a big softcover from 1974. I may never run out of pages!

So that's a peek at some of my favorite things to use when I'm making art. What are your favorites?


  1. I LOVE looking at art supplies, whether I'm at the store and taking a peek into someone else's art space. I buy dictionaries at used book sales, and then think, Do I REALLY need another one? Those puppies can last me for years! My husband was putting old phone books in the recycling bin yesterday, and I snagged a small stack of pages for my stash. Everything qualifies as an art supply around here!

  2. Nice going, Janet. It all looks so organized. The more I clear out, the more I can't imagine getting the remains in order. Does that make any sense???

  3. Great post...I love supplies. When I don't have time to really sit down and paint, I just organize my stuff so I can at least look at it and remember what I have LOL!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love art suplies and have collected for some time now. I figure evenually I'll use them. I also keep several journals going at once. The supplies I treasure the most are my Derwent colored pencils. I have several varieties and would like to have them all. Thanks for sharing your favorites and I'd love to have a pair of those black coated scissors. Where can you get them?
    Johnina :^A

  5. I love to look at art supplies!! Your journals in the first picture I could spend hours perusing! Good tips to know about those supplies.

  6. Fun post, seems we all have something in common - we love art supplies. I need some of those scissors too. My fav supplies are my watercolor pencils and crayons. You color and then the magic happens when you brush on a little water.

  7. This was fun...glad I took a break from CLEANING, yuck what a nasty word. Company will be here in a day or two. I too would love to sit down with a cup of tea and look at your journals.

  8. Love it Janet! My hubby has an old dictionary that he used to use in school, hmmmmm.... I wonder if he kept it! My minds just-a-goin now, so thank you!
    Big hugs and many blessings

  9. LOVE the pile of journals!!!
    I'm like you when it comes to paint... I'm not fussy about brands. I even use paint from the dollar store for some things that don't require "quality" pigments.

  10. I love your favorites! I want to journal but don't very often. I have a couple...they sit idle mostly.
    Love all the paints thrown in a plastic tote. so inviting just waiting to play.

  11. I don't know why, but I simply cannot resist photos or stories about people's supplies and what they use. This is no exception! I love seeing others' favorites!

  12. Can I come and play at your place? You have great supplies!

  13. Thanks for showing us your supplies. I am liking the black scissors, I hate the sticky that gets all over the normal scissors. I like the dictionary, I think a trip to the second hand bookshop is in order this weekend.


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