Monday, March 07, 2011

A Finished WIP....maybe

After reading some of your comments from my post about the project Lee and I are doing, I realized I wasn't very clear about it. This is a project that we are doing to trade with each other. We haven't done a join-in collaboration project recently and from your comments I guess it might be time for another one. So give us a few days and we'll try to come up with a new swap of some kind.

In the meantime I'm almost finished with what I'm working on for Lee but I can't show you yet. As soon as she gets it I'll share with you.

You may remember way back in January I showed you a textured painting I was working on. You can see it here....I showed you some close-ups of what I did....

Well, believe it or not, I finally finished that painting! At least it's as finished as I can tell right now.

This is a 16 x 20 canvas and it's a bit lighter than it looks in the photo. As usual, I had problems getting a good shot of it. This is darker than real life but when I tried to lighten it, it looked washed out. The top photo is a little more true to the colors. I used a lot of texture paste on this plus there was already a lot of collage and paint from what had been on it before....this was a recycle of a canvas I had previously painted on.

It's different from most things I do so that made it harder for me. I didn't want true-to-life roses but more just the hint of them. I saw a huge painting in a furniture store that gave me the idea for this. It's been an experiment all the way along. I'm about 75% happy with it so I'll live with it for awhile and see how I feel in a week or so.

My brain has been swirling with ideas so if you don't hear from me for a couple of days you'll know I'm busy, busy, busy creating!


  1. Oh I love all the texture and your hint of roses is perfect. Great job. Funn how your followeres are going to lead you into another swap. Can't wait to hear what it will be.


  2. Loving the texture, and the painting. Got my thinking cap on...

  3. WOW...this painting is lovely, Janet! Great texture!

  4. I love those textures -- really brings those flowers to life. Four star!

    I know you're busy, but do stop by when you can. There's a challenge going on to "use the Besties" -- mine's up now with a link to others!

  5. Oh,I love this Janet! I ahve seen this texture medium in Michaels and have been tempteed to try it. But, lately I have been dabbling in a few things and not finishing any of them. Good for you for trying it out. You've got interesting results.

  6. Wonderful texture Janet, I have a few "projects to complete" then I am going to start playing with mixed media and working in my journal (if I can find it.)

  7. I like it Janet. A lot!

  8. Love, love this, Janet! The texture looks as if it stands out beautifully! Great art!

  9. Gorgeous painting! I don't think you need to add anything to it. The texture is absolutely wonderful.

  10. Janet;
    I LOVE your painting! I have to try using some texture one of these days! It looks like so much fun!
    Hugs and blessings to you!

  11. I'm behind in visiting. I love the textures in this...very nice!!!


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