Monday, March 28, 2011

How I Send My Postcards....

People have been asking me how I mail my postcards. I don't put them in envelopes because that sort of defeats the purpose of sending a postcard. I pay extra postage because they're thick and that way they're not machine stamped at the post office. And I figure if they get messed up a little bit in mailing that just adds to the look. I make them to be postcards and that's how I send them.

They end up being very stiff because I begin with cardboard from recycled boxes, then add papers and paint and whatever else I decide. At the end I give them a couple of coats of matte Mod Podge to seal everything and that's it. I hope that answers your questions....if not, let me know.

Here are the two latest postcards I did this morning....

I think she's a schoolmarm!

Changin' things up a little!

Ok, that's all from here today. I'm off to complete a project I've been working on for awhile. Wish me luck in finishing it.


  1. a joy to look at!

    I cant get over how you make each one, and they all look so different! How do you manage to give them all such different looks? its a real skill!

  2. Looking good! I like the one with the feet turned in--very coy! I agree that any wear and tear that happens in the postal process just adds to the appeal of the cards. I just hope mine don't fall apart altogether! We'll see...

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  4. oh they are so great, the feet one, I oohed and awed over. I put mine in evelopes, i should have just mailed them like you

  5. Thanks for sharing how you create your postcards. It's inspiration for people who think they must have all the perfect art supplies!

    I received a thank you post card in the mail today from one of the goddesses that we had the art party for. She altered a regular card....I guess the magic cottage did the trick!! lol

    Hugs Giggles ...always fun visiting here!

  6. ah interesting to note at how you sealed your postcards before you send them out..I bet the mail carriers really enjoy looking at your art work before they reach their destination.

    Very nice work, your such a very talented lady.

  7. have you ever considered that all these gals you are painting, maybe an aspect of you? I think they might be :)
    you do them so well ! I think how you post them is just brilliant.

  8. What a great recycling idea for cereal boxes. I love that! I must give it a try.
    How do you decide who to send them to? They are totally fabulous.

  9. Beautiful cards Janet. Bet the folks at the post offices etc. enjoy them as well.

  10. Hi Janet...I'm just now getting around to visiting blogs. We took a day trip to Memphis yesterday. Have you checked Sunday Postcard Art if you are still into making postcards? Your cards are sooo cute...I love the feet one!

  11. Good info and how cute they!

  12. Always a joy to see the lastest creation from your talented mind, Janet! Love the delicacy of these postcards..and love that you use recycled stuff, too! And, yes, the weathering of the mail chutes gives them 'character' plus!

  13. I was wondering how you mailed them. Of course it makes sense that to put them in envelopes defeats the purpose of making post cards!
    They are great..!

  14. I can vouch for the safe passage of your postcards. Mine arrived in perfect condition.
    Lovely postcards Janet


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