Thursday, March 31, 2011

Journaling Update....

Today is my hubby bubby's (HB) birthday! He's 63 today. Happy Birthday, HB!!

Recently I sent my pages into Phoenix Peacock's community art project. She posted them today. You can see her project blog here....and here are the pages I sent to her....

This page tells about passing along a smile and how it can change things.

This page tells about how someone helped me when I really needed it.

I did both of these pages on old file folders. You know me....recycle that stuff and use it! I like the thickness of the paper used for file folders and always recycle them into my art. Just one more way to save paper, the planet, and money.

Last night I did some journaling on the pages I showed you yesterday.

I just wrote about how much I love circles and swirls....nothing too interesting.

Here I wrote about what Shangri-la means to me....

Left page

right page

Today I'm working on some new postcards. My brain is whirling around with ideas....I just hope I can capture a few of them before they fly off into the cosmos.


  1. You amaze me Janet with how much art you produce.
    Happy birthday HB.

  2. WOW, Janet! Your pages are beautiful and I especially like that you recyled file folders. The story on compassion brought tears to my eyes. What a difference that kind stranger made to your life. What a lovely thing for him to do.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO, HB!!! I hope he has a lovely day ~

  3. Happy birthday to HB!!!!

  4. send some ideas this way as they fly into the cosmos Janet!

  5. Wonderful wonderful words and art! Happy Birthday to HB!

  6. Janet you never cease to amaze me, and touch me to the core! These stories are beautiful, just like your soul! I remember several years ago seeing you at all the same blogs, and decided to check yours out! So glad I did! These stories prove why I admire you and your blog so much! I loved reading all your stories they touched me,(made me cry a little too)! Happy Birthday to HB, he's a lucky man!

    Big hugs Giggles

  7. Happy birthday to HB, he and Dave are the same age at least until June.

    Your pages are fantastic. I love the art you've been doing lately.

  8. Happy Birthday HB!!!!
    Oh my Janet, you have done some really sweet things. I like it all but the postcards are amazing. I am trying to catch up, but it will take time. I haven't really done anything to post, but you know me, I will find something.
    Thank you for always coming to see me, Your, Mary

  9. I love your journaling Janet! You have been super busy... Go Girl!! xxx tj

  10. Nice pages Janet! Its so neat to me when I find someone from one blog I read on another blog! We both did the postcard exchange and the community art project. Small world, huh?

  11. Sending a smile your way…
    Love you pages.

    I also just took a look at all of your postcards; I would say that you have
    become the postcard lady. They are amazing.

    Have you ever thought of a tutorial for your postcards?
    I for one would love it…


  12. Happy Birthday, HB~!! Janet, your work is ALWAYS wonderful to see and your ingenuity is priceless~!! You always inspire me!!

  13. Happy Birthday to HB, Love your beautiful pages. :)

  14. Hi have been busy! I love your journal pages...file folders are great to work on...I'm getting ready to make some more postcards and some ATCs. I also joined a postcard exchange at too. Hope hubby had a great birthday...I'm late getting around to the blogs I visit.

  15. I ageee with Doreen Janet - you are a prolific (and talented) artist. Your journal pages are beautiful(I loved reading the one on compassion - what a beautiful man).
    And I love the postcards you have been creating lately too. What a joy it must be to receive one in the mail!
    Dot xx

  16. Your stories brought a lump to my throat Janet, so touching. I love the way your have journaled about them and incorporated your style into the pages, and on recycled folders too, just great.
    I loved reading about your Shangri-la, it could be me talking too. Creating in my own space is my kind of Shangri-La.
    Hope your HB had a lovely birthday
    Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration


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