Sunday, March 06, 2011

A New Mixed Media 101 class....

Today has been a lazy day and mostly I've played in the studio. I watched some videos on YouTube....that always inspires me to do some art....and worked on a project that Lee and I are doing. Then I took a break to check things out online.

Many of you know Kate from The Queen of Creativity but did you also know she has started a ning site? She is now offering a beginner's class for mixed media art. It's called Mixed Media 101. Here's what Kate says about it:

Perhaps you have been reading Somerset Studio or Cloth Paper Scissors for awhile now. You are intrigued about Mixed Media, you love the projects but there is so much new stuff to learn. You may have questions like what is an ATC, or what is gesso and do I need Gel Medium? You want to start an Art Journal but you are a little bit afraid, it all seems so daunting. Well if that is you, then you have come to the right place.

I am going to take you by the hand and lead you through the maze that is mixed media. In this class I'll take you on a tour of all those materials that are used in mixed media. You'll learn what they are , what they are used for and how to use them in a project of your very own.

We'll start a small art journal using a children's board book. Topics will include using paint, watercolor crayons, texture, drawing, lettering and more. There are 16 videos and several informational PDF’s on the supplies and tools used in mixed media.

If you're interested you can go HERE to learn more about the class. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics. I sure wish something like this had been around when I was first starting out. I was so confused by all the products (still am sometimes!) and just felt like I didn't know where to begin. So you can skip over all that confusion and start having some fun right away.


  1. Now I AM curious - what could you and Lee be up to this time?? last time it was a fun ATC swap so dont keep us waiting too long before you tell us all what it is!!! I'll be popping in here to see if you can tell us what is?

  2. Thanks for the shout out Janet, You are the best friend. I really appreciate it.

  3. Janet, looking forward to seeing what you and Lee are cooking up this time.

  4. Hi must have put up your new post after I came by yesterday. Looking forward to seeing the project that you and Lee are doing.

  5. I love following your blog, as I always find out about new courses and interesting tit bits. Your work is always fresh and new, and are an inspiration to me to never be afraid of trying something new.


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