Thursday, March 03, 2011

What I've (Not) Been Doing....

Hi's taken me a few days to recuperate from all the excitement and the after parties. Colin and I drank too much champagne and danced into the wee hours of the morning.


Now back to reality!! Mostly what I've not been doing is art! I've been in another art slump. Lots of ideas, no follow through. Plus we've had some drop-in guests plus some scheduled ones and HB and I have not had a lot of time to do things around here. My studio is in a shambles....

This is my work table but as you can see there isn't much going on except lots of clutter. I keep going in there, I pull out a bunch of things thinking I'll actually create something, and then I don't do it or someone pops in....either way I haven't done any art! And nothing gets put away so the clutter begins to take over.

This work table is supposed to be my clean area but as you can see all it is right now is the pile-everything-here area!

Today I'll be out of the house for a couple of hours right in the middle of the day so that will put a damper on doing much in the studio. Maybe I can begin putting things away and get some actual work space....that might inspire me.

I hope to have some art to share with you soon. After all this blog is about me and my art!


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  2. I think it looks pretty clean I to am in a slump

  3. I've got one of those "pile everything here" areas -- which is unfortunately the work table! I have to clean it off pronto, as I want to participate in Karla's Cottage "Craft with the Good Stuff" challenge this weekend.

    On a related note, I showed Rick your page in Studios and said, "I Know Her." And he said something like "Gee, bet she gets a lot done with a nice uncluttered organized area like that." I'm sure I can flatten out the magazine again after rolling it up and clunking it on the head. (Tone is everything!)

  4. Don't push yourself right now- the energies are just what they are. We're in an incubation time for the next few weeks so just putter and clean and get yourself re-organized a little at a time. Then when the surge of creativity hits big time, you'll be ready to go!
    I'm loving reading your blog.
    Thank you. :0)

  5. I remember someone saying a tidy desk is a tidy mind---well who wants a tidy mind anyway Janet.
    I got into the habit of cleaning everything off my desk into a box so that I could work on something else--bad habit--because I would forget what was in the box and then I would spend days looking for something and finally discover it in the box when I no longer needed it.
    OK this comment is not going to help you much Janet but it may give you a good laugh :-)

  6. Hey, your studio looks good to me too. I have been busy this week with family,etc. My 20 yr. old Granddaughter is coming over tomorrow and we are going to catch up and bake cookies and have fun.

  7. Lets join the slump art party - I have been in one for months now!

  8. I will have something to show on saturday...after fridays party. I don't like drop ins.... I am a bit reclusive at

    This too shall pass and the creative bug with bite again!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Soooo, that explains why you have been so quiet lately! I have been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off! Company coming, spring cleaning, windows to wash, church,yard work, there is not enough hours in the day. I keep trying to remember what mother said about "take time to smell the roses". I guess it is best to just enjoy the moment, no matter what is going on, so with that said, enjoy your art slump.

  10. You know what, dear Janet??...When we WANT to do something, then invariably there will be a "life happening" that steps in and quelches the art factor in us..Me?, as you know, I have procrastinated until the cows come, from what my dear little DIL says,.."Set aside on the calendar in black and white, the DAY, the amount of TIME and then don't answer the PHONE, comments or the doorbell until that creation within that brilliant mind of yours says OK~!!
    Here is to CREATING~!!

  11. Compared to my messes - your studio is spotless.

    A) I can't wait to see your work because I love it so

    B) I'm pretty sure one of your resolutions this year was to take the pressure off "Having" to create and to post on the blog.

    You are creative enough that your work is worth waiting for. So if that means you take a break, well, I will be here when you return :)

  12. Now Janet,you know we don't expect you to have that studio up and running after a weekend of sunning around with Colin Firth! LOL!
    Rest up and all will be well!

  13. Right now my kitchen table looks like a craft room. Not good!!
    Your craft room looks great to me.
    I finished the quilt, it took me a month. Go take a peek if you get a chance. Now I can start doing something else. Love, Mary

  14. You will soon be inspired again. It is nice to have surprise visitors.
    It's not a slump. Your brain is just gearing up for something wonderful..!
    have a great weekend..

  15. Sometimes when I am in a slump I make a grid page in my journal, just pull out scraps and arrange them with no thoughts in mind. Another idea is using the law of attraction to your advantage. Don't even say that you are in a slump. Just say to your self. My creativity is flowing smoothly and effortlessly. Soon it will be.

    Other times I will clean the studio to get in gear. Thats a left brain activity and you can get that part out of the way so your right brained creative side can then play.



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