Monday, April 25, 2011

Friday Art on Monday....

Did everyone have a good Easter holiday weekend? Did you eat too much chocolate? Oh, well, the Easter Bunny only visits once a year.

The last art I did was on Earth Day....after that HB and I began cleaning out closets and cupboards and throwing out stuff. I have a huge pile of plastic bags filled with clothes sitting in the dining room waiting to go to the thrift shop. How do we accumulate so much stuff!!!

Anyway, here's the journal spread I did for Earth Day....

The background began with leftover ink from a stencil. 
I just blotted it off on these pages.

Then I added some other stencil work, some patterned paper scraps,
stamps and a poem I found online.

I thought the soft blues and greens were good
for Earth Day.
Last week I put down some clean brown paper on my work table....

It doesn't stay this clean very long!

These are two of the pieces I cut out of the old paper. 
I love using this as background for other art work.
It already has lots of layers happening....who knows what I'll do with it now!


  1. What a fantastic idea! And brown paper works so nicely for collages afterwards. You have a lovely blog. Thanks!

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  3. Thanks for the reminder on the brown paper surface cover. I used to do that but somehow got out of the habit.
    Great journal pages...

  4. Janet,

    Your earth day pages are very nice, I like the vine you did on one of them. Ah the craft table paper always looks good. I like reusing it just like you do.

  5. I love that old/recycled brown paper.. brilliant idea!
    you could not get it that perfect no matter how hard you try.. know what I mean?

  6. Beautiful colors in your earth day pages. I still have to remember to buy a roll of brown paper. Such a good idea to use it after it is ready to be replaced in more art.

  7. I love your earth day pages. And like everyone else, the brown paper is a really good idea. I can see how after much use it would make some really fun backgrounds. I am kinda boring right now. I seem to be spending so much time on family research, it leaves very little time for other things. you are doing spring cleaning!!! I should be....Hugs, mary

  8. Love the pages and the colors, Love the brown paper idea. You ARE a creative genius!

  9. Well, you're back -- clean brown paper table and all! Love the Earth Day collage. Nice use of color, image and the whole feel of it! Did you blog break serve you well?

    Here's a good verification word for you -- gessi. I wonder if that's the plural of gesso?!

  10. Janet, don't reply to the WKAR comments you received -- I forgot to log out of my Gypsy account and was in the stations! Duh.

  11. Lovely Earth Day spread. And I love the "future promise" of that clean spread of brown kraft paper. Fun!

  12. I love a clean new surface to work on! Those old brown papers have AWESOME possibilities...

  13. Hi, my cards are the usual size...thanks for pointing it out, no telling when I would have noticed it. I really like the earth day journal spread...and the brown paper will make some cool looking backgrounds for most anything.

  14. I'm really loving green these days, so your journal pages really speak to me, I love them.
    big hugs

  15. Love your Earth Day pages. Glad you had a happy Earth Day and a happy Easter!

  16. Love your Earth Day page Janet, a timely reminder that we need to look after Mother Earth.
    Great idea with the brown paper.
    Lee :)


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