Saturday, April 23, 2011

From the Postcard Swap....

I've been waiting to do this post until I received all 10 of my postcards but I guess I'm only going to get eight. These are the ones I've received so far....

from Viv at Sew Much Progress
....this is fabric. And Viv was the only one who included a blog address. Thanks, Viv!

from name on this one

from Janice Arendt in Minnesota....
the part that says Beautiful swivels back to reveal the flower underneath.

from Kathy Stewart in Washington

from Tara Simmons in Minnesota

from C Wolfe in Minnesota

from 10 yr old Riley in New York

from Tracey in Canada
Don't you love that carrot cloud!!

Thanks to everyone who sent me a postcard! Most of my cards came from Minnesota. I only received one postcard from outside the US. If the other two cards ever show up I'll post them later. And a huge Thank You to Hanna for organizing this swap.


  1. They're all beautiful. I only received 8 also.

  2. Awesome postcards you received Janet. I love the creativity that went into all of them and the carrot cloud too! LOL!

  3. Gotta love that Carrot Cloud, it's the little things that make these all so special. Have a nice Sunday, you might eat some chocolate Bunnies, there everywhere:) Hugs, Mary

  4. These are all wonderful. Love the carrot cloud.

  5. What a fun swap. Do you have scrapbooks devoted to swapped art you've received? I display some,have ATC's,4x4's,and other various sizes in different boxes. Would love to know what you do with yours.
    Happy Easter to you and family.

  6. Completely wonderful.

    Did you know I'm blogging again?

  7. What a variety! So much fun!
    thanks for sharing!

    Glad you are feeling better! I really like your journal pages on the earlier post!

  8. What a fun idea. It must be such a treat to get something other than bills in the mail.

  9. Several of your postcards are quite pretty! Isn't it strange to send postcard art without a name on it?! I have only gotten 7 postcards from the swap...wondering if the other 3 will ever turn up!

  10. It's a wonderful collection! And you're right -- I love that carrot cloud!

  11. Lol... I LOVE that carrot cloud! hope you had a wonderful easter... I am just back from my trip and feeling v tired! be a while before I get back to blogging I think!

  12. hasn't this been a fun swap? i finally received my last postcard. each so very different.

  13. Great postcards Janet, I like the carrot cloud too.
    Thanks for sharing


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