Sunday, April 03, 2011

Going a Little Crazy....

First, before you see how crazy I got, I want to show you something else....something really great. I received my first postcard from Hanna's swap. It came from should visit her blog and see all her beautiful fabric art.

Didn't I tell you? Beautiful....and that quote is perfect. Thank you, Viv!! I love it.

Now on to my craziness! I had a fun day yesterday. I played in the studio most of the day....made a couple more postcards but these are a little different.

First I did some flower pots....

The sky is bluer than in the picture here. It all says "happy springtime" to me.

And then that's when I went a little crazy!

The goat face was from a children's book and I just couldn't resist using it! I gave her some hair and make-up and put her in a silly hat and dress. She makes me smile!
I also started another spread in my art journal....

I'll write on it later today. It's a spread about two things I love....books and painting/art.

So that was my crazy day in the studio. Today we're back to chilly temperatures and overcast skies. HB and I had planned to get out and do something but now I think we're staying in....wimps, aren't we! I'll work on my journal pages and maybe some more crazy postcards. Ideas are running rampant!! Have some fun today....


  1. Glad you liked the card!

    And I am really loving that goat!! I love children's books for inspiration :-)

  2. The postcard you got is wonderful and I love the quote on it. The goat cracked me up, it is sooooo cute and does make you smile. Thanks.

  3. They're awesome Janet.So fun. I did some goat faces for SILs band. Such a riot. Love the quote on the post card you received! Go wild Janet...I love what's transpiring...the goat face makes me chuckle, love it!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Your goat lady makes me smile and love the springy flower pots. You are going to have a wonderful time with Mail Call! :D :D

  5. The goat lady is so funny, love her and the flower pots are just joyful. You have been having so much fun in the studio....


  6. I love it when you play - and so such cute cards...

    Love the goat! And, I like the card your friend sent.

  7. do your ideas ever dry up, I like the goat great idea

  8. The goat card is great. I love the whimsy of it. She is ready for Spring, even if we are still waiting for it.
    Fairly mild here right now, but lots of rain.

  9. Love your sweet goat Janet... so adorable! I admire you so much! You are really good at journaling and keeping it going.

  10. I needed your goat in my life today..yes, it's Monday and I have done nothing really. This gave me a giggle and a smile. It is so cloudy and really gloomy. I love all the cute things you did to Miss Goat, she is adorable!!! Your, Mary

  11. I LOVE that goat card! I think I'll carry that image around with me in the back pocket of my mind today, to keep me smiling. Thanks!

  12. Beautiful card Janet, lucky girl.
    Love the beginnings of your journal pages, can't wait to see them finished and your postcards are so much fun.
    I am loving this creative streak you are on.


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