Sunday, April 03, 2011

Going a Little Crazy....

First, before you see how crazy I got, I want to show you something else....something really great. I received my first postcard from Hanna's swap. It came from should visit her blog and see all her beautiful fabric art.

Didn't I tell you? Beautiful....and that quote is perfect. Thank you, Viv!! I love it.

Now on to my craziness! I had a fun day yesterday. I played in the studio most of the day....made a couple more postcards but these are a little different.

First I did some flower pots....

The sky is bluer than in the picture here. It all says "happy springtime" to me.

And then that's when I went a little crazy!

The goat face was from a children's book and I just couldn't resist using it! I gave her some hair and make-up and put her in a silly hat and dress. She makes me smile!
I also started another spread in my art journal....

I'll write on it later today. It's a spread about two things I love....books and painting/art.

So that was my crazy day in the studio. Today we're back to chilly temperatures and overcast skies. HB and I had planned to get out and do something but now I think we're staying in....wimps, aren't we! I'll work on my journal pages and maybe some more crazy postcards. Ideas are running rampant!! Have some fun today....