Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm Easing Back into Blogland....

I've been gone awhile! It was fun taking a little blog break. I just relaxed and did whatever I felt like....no pressures, no blog posts to write, nothing scheduled. Some days I didn't even turn on the computer. It was heaven!! But I did miss all of you and I wondered what was happening in Blogland. Even so, I made myself stay away because I've found that when I read too many blogs (and I do read a bunch of them!) it all gets jumbled up in my mind and there's no room for my own thoughts and ideas, and no time to make art.

I kept busy in the studio....not with anything huge or spectacular but just little things to keep me creating each day.

Here are a few of the things I did....

A journal spread called Girlfriends

I have since journaled on these pages

I also did a few ATCs....

The one above looks much better in real life because the paint is a bit metallic.
It's sort of a re-do of an ATC I started quite some time ago.

The one above has dimensional flowers and a button on it. It's made from some of 
the background paper taken up from my worktable.

I did this postcard using part of a transfer that didn't turn out, some pages from a magazine 
and the crow image was from Google Images.

That's just a little bit of what I did while I was away. I'm going to ease back into things so you might not see too much of me over the next few days but I'll eventually make it around to see everyone again.

I will also be posting about the postcards I've received in Hanna's swap. So far I've received seven.And only five people have let me know they received mine. I made sure to put my email on each card but apparently some people haven't used it....thanks to those people who did respond. I appreciate it so much. My mother taught me to always acknowledge any gift I received whether I liked it or not. It's only common courtesy. I have emailed each person that included an email address on their postcards. Only one that I've received didn't have an email address on it. So Riley if you read this, I got your pretty postcard....thank you!!

Okay, that's it for today. Over the next few days I'll be posting more of the art I did on break. Until then....have fun and remember to smile at someone today.


  1. Welcome back! Although you took a break from blogland you seemed to be busy with art. Love your journal ladies.

  2. Welcome home! I was wondering where you were. I've been taking a computer break ... mostly not farming on Farmville!!!! The blog is enough!

  3. Welcome back! I know exactly what you mean, I have to break too for the very same reasons. I absolutely love the "girlfriends" journal, the colors are so brilliant, grabbed my eyes right away. Keep sharing!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog today! And for your comment.

  5. I was wondering where did you disappear... I'm glad that it was a happy blog break. Welcome back! The girlfriend pages are lovely! I wonder how they look with journaling around..

  6. Welcome back, Janet! I kept coming by to check on you and see when your blog break was over. Thanks for sharing the art you worked on. I hope your blog break was good for you! I have tried to slim down the list of blogs I check on regularly; it does kind of make you crazy. And I definitely use it as an excuse not to be doing anything more productive!

  7. Hi Janet,
    I truly understand exactly what you're saying.
    I love getting around blogland and seeing what everyone's up to however I also find I stops me from doing ART myself.
    Lovely to see you back doing the ART you do soo well.
    Happy creating,

  8. welcome back, loving thoe girlfriend pages, and the atcs, a break is a good thing, looks like you were quite creative while gone.

  9. I have cut back on blogging time as well Janet and I seem to be posting only once a week as of late.
    I have been doing a bit of hand embroidery which takes time and you don't always have lots to show for it but it is so relaxing.

  10. Thanks for peeking out from your studio!! I think your art is so pretty and inspiring!! Amazing how fast we can get hooked on our blogs or other's, there's so much inspiration out there and like you, I lose myself. See you next time :)

  11. She's back!!! I love your girlfriends pages. I got 8 out of 10 postcards so far...maybe the other two are late. I have been thinking of taking a blog break...I have so much I need to get done around here. Love the ATC with the button!

  12. Great to see you back Janet. I love the journal pages, the colours and stamps. What is the stamp called that is down the sides of the pages in black?

  13. The journal spread is so fun and colourful!
    Sometimes, taking a break is the only thing we can do.

  14. This is great to see all the wonderful art; Love all the ladies you did. Such luscious art, I can see the break did you good. Welcome back.

  15. Welcome back!! Your journal pages are lovely, Janet! I fully understand what you're saying as I feel the same way. I spend so much time reading blogs that I don't get to do my own art.

    Hopefully, you will hear from the people who received your postcards soon. It is the courteous thing to do after all.

    Love & hugs,

  16. I think Blog brakes are good, and I certainly have cut back myself.
    I love the girls, this looked like you were enjoying your time. As soon as the weather lets me, I will be outside more. Thinking of you with Love, Mary

  17. I think a break here and there is a good thing…
    I love reading about the art that others do and I do get inspired to try new things but sometimes I find I do more reading then doing.
    I adore you ladies pages, love the colors and style.


  18. Hi Joanne; I have been gone since April 8th too so I have not been keeping up with blogland at all! It was kind of nice and my head has since decluttered itself too! I think we all need to take these breaks sometimes. I got some much needed sunshine! YAY! I Love the girls you have been doing and the ATC's and postcards. They can be so addictive can't they!
    Big hugs to you Janet!
    Happy Easter too!

  19. Yikes... how embarrassing... I called you Joanne in the last comment! I was thinking about my friend Joanne when I posted... sorry about that Janet! A 'blonde' moment, and I'm a brunette! LOL!


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