Monday, April 04, 2011

Monday....For Sure!

It's definitely a Monday for me. Is it for you?? I can't seem to get myself going today and now it's afternoon and I'm still trying to get started.

No postcards so far today but I did do a journal spread. Last night I finished the one from yesterday. Here it is....nothing special.

Left side. Sorry it's a bit crooked in the photo!

The right side....again, nothing special.

And this is the spread I did today....

I just used some pictures from magazines, plus some of my hand-carved stamps along the bottom.

Another page about nothing!

And this is the right side about nothing!

And I want to leave you with a little chuckle. This is one of our cats, Harley. He loves having a sun bath and will search out any patch of sun he can find. This is how I found him this morning....

I wish he'd learn to relax!!


  1. Janet,

    My cats are like that too! I love the color in your pages. I spent the day filming so its like I didn't do anything but I did.


  2. We should all be as relaxed as that kitty! I like the giant paint brush on the right side of your first spread--very appealing.

  3. I've always loved books , art and craft supplies too! Huge non fiction reader back in the day! Now I dabbling in everything.My mind was always creating something new. Harley looks pretty darn relaxed I loved reading your journal pages...

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Nothing special? These pages are terrific! At first I thought that paintbrush was a giant tassel...!! I love when things make you look twice. Keep going! xxx tj

  5. I love your journal pages. And I love what you say about not having to own something to appreciate it - so true!

  6. I tried to leave a comment yesterday but I was in a hurry and it was giving me, what a cute picture of Harley. The kids left yesterday, I changed beds and did laundry, put the house back together. Looking back over your posts, I really like girl #17, one of my favorites.

  7. At least you did a journal spread and a blog post - about the only thing I got done yesterday was taking out the trash, LOL. Hopefully today will be more productive...
    Love the photo of Harley. My cats are sun worshipers too - any little patch will do!

  8. Hi Janet...doesn't look like "nothing" to me. I wish I could write like you do on your journal pages. Harley looks so comfie...I know, what up with him...I hope he does learn to relax soon...ha!

  9. Harley is a smart cat..!
    I do wish you wouldn't say this page is about nothing, and that page is about nothing. They are lovely..
    you know Seinfeld was a show about 'nothing' and it was hugely successful!

  10. Your journals would be a delight to browse through, Janet ~ :)

  11. More great journal pages,Janet. I love them and you may not feel they are special now but to have your thoughts about your passions available to look back on is special.
    Cute photo of your cat, what a life!


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