Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Easing Back....

Day two of easing back and here are a few more things I did on my break....

This journal spread came about in such a cool way. First I covered both pages with watercolor and then added lots of writing about being creative and about trying to find ways to stay creative. Then I took some patterned paper and glued down strips over the writing.
Then I decided to add some text and I reached out to a stack of pages I had torn from a book. I had planned to just tear random bits of text and use it but when I looked at the page it was so incredible that I had to cut out sentences and use them. The page I had randomly pulled out was titled Stoking the Fires of Creativity!!!
That was definitely a bit of synchronicity! So I just went with it. I haven't added anything more to the pages. Even thought they're a little plain I think I'm leaving them just as they are.

And here are a few more ATCs I made. Some were backgrounds I had done earlier and I simply added to them....

Be Brave

Love this little bird cut-out....

The background of the one above is a bit metallic so it doesn't scan well 
but in real life this one is very pretty.

And I did another postcard....can't seem to stop although I'm not doing the girls so much right now.
This one was done with some stencils, markers, and colored pencils.
Just doodles....

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I'm slowly making my way around Blogland again. If you haven't already seen me you will soon.


  1. So cool about the creative synchronicity!
    I really like that postcard! It's filled with lots of happy! :-)

  2. Wow, you are really on a roll at the moment. I love how you have made these pieces.

    Thanks for the info on the white pens, I shall try and source these in the UK.

  3. That bird is super lovely!

  4. Wow Janet two days full of luscious pages. Oh I love the last one with the stencils and markers, Also the creative synchronicity one is awesome. You are one rocking artist. Yippee!

  5. You are certainly in your grove, I love the one with the hand writing...of course you know I love them all. It is raining cats and dogs...NO!!!! It's raining ice and rain...Oh My Goodness!!
    Big Hugs, Mary

  6. Hi Janet...don't ya love it when things leap out at you? I see you have been making ATCs too. These are absolutely gorgeous! The stencils add a lot. I love the bird one. Are you trading them? The postcard is lovely too! You are on a roll!!!

  7. Janet, I just love these pages!!! The colors sing to me and the pattern of it is beautiful. What a brilliant idea!

  8. MOre fun stuff. OK, next time I am not taking you at your word when you say you are taking a break from blogging!


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