Tuesday, April 05, 2011

More in My Art Journal....

Today has been another "no postcard" day....at least, so far. And not only have I not made any new postcards I haven't received any more from the swap. But it's still early. I am a little concerned about the ones I mailed out. I sent all mine out early and I've only heard back from three of the people that they're received my postcards. If the postcards for Serbia and Israel arrived already it only stands to reason that the ones right here in the US should have arrived too....but no response.

As for what I did do today....another journal spread! I haven't worked in my art journals for several months and all at once lately I've been doing something in them almost every day. But that's how I operate! I never stay with anything too long.

You can tell how messy my worktable is....there's just barely enough room to open my journal and that's all!

Wonder why I put images on her face? Didn't mean to do that! I was using some rub-ons and one accidentally stuck right on her nose! So I added a couple more to make it seem more natural. Didn't work! But that's okay....that's what happens with art journals. Mistakes are part of the "art"....

This page may get some more writing later on  but for now I'm finished.

So that's been my creative contribution for today. Just as the page above says, the afternoon is my slow time so I think I'll go read a good book.


  1. There's no mistake, Janet. The woman on the first page just looks like she's breathing...deeply :). Sometimes, my imgination can be very active.

  2. i did not notice that on her nose
    went right in and read your journal, very interesting, great pages, I have only received one postcard from sweden so far. And nobody except 1 person has told me they got theres.

  3. I love your journal pages, Janet! And yes, mistakes happen which make them all the more personal and endearing. You and I seem to work similar as, I too, will be all motivated and work daily in my art journals and then, without reason, I put them on the back-burner for a while. :)

  4. When I need a "shot in the arm" for creativity, then I come thru your Journal doorway~!! Love it all...


  5. Beautiful colors on this journal spread. I've only received 2 postcards, and I'm always rushing to the mailbox hoping more will be there. (Today I wanted to grab them in from the rain, but there weren't any there anyway!)

  6. I have only gotten 1 card and have heard from only 3 people so maybe people are busy. I like the pages you've done, all that purple puts a smile on my face. I know how you love it so.


  7. I really like the colors of these pages...
    I hope your mailbox has some postcards today, I Can’t wait to see more.

    As much as I like email I do miss those little surprises in the mailbox....I think this is a wonderful swap.


  8. Hi Janet...more great journal pages! Love the purple! I haven't gotten a single card yet but the deadline is Friday. I did get ahead of the deadline, for once, and mailed mine out on Monday.

  9. Great pages Janet. Wonderful sentiments too about just taking the time to breathe and enjoy. The afternoon is my slow time too, I seem to rush around and never get any art done at all, the problem is that with a few really late nights and early mornings in a row my whole day ends up not working LOL. I have not touched my journal for a while now but am getting the feeling to get it out again, don't know why that happens, it's like I constantly need different things to do (or is that a symptom of my scattered brain??)
    Thankyou for your creative contribution

  10. i am only now getting online as i have been sick for a few days. Well all my wishes paid off. i was the receiver of your postcard headed to NY. She is amazing!! She was my first postcard, from this swap. i am considering a frame for her. she is that wonderful. thank you for sending her to me.


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