Thursday, April 07, 2011

My Most Recent Creations....

Today I have a couple of things to share with you and then I think I might take a little break from blogging. Not too long but just long enough to re-charge my creative batteries.

As you can see from the journal spread below, I've been doing a lot of thinking about art and what it means to me. I'm also not happy with the fact that I don't seem to be growing in my art. I'm doing a lot of stuff but it's all something I've seen someplace else. I know....I've talked about this before.

I read this article and it really got me thinking. That's when I created this journal spread....

What is it with me and all the blues and greens lately!!

This is a close-up of the left side....

And here's the right side.
I'll probably do a little more journaling on these pages but for now this is where I left it.


Recently Lee and I have both been talking about a project we were doing. We agreed to pick one of the projects from Art at the Speed of Life and then both of us would do it. I chose the project on page 63 and we each did it. Being me, I didn't follow the directions completely! Here's what my project looks like....

I tried using a sheet of red paper behind it in the photograph 
because my work table has so much paint on it!

I did one of my favorite techniques for the background. It's one I learned from Gary Reef.... 
it has a peeling paint look which I love.

The dress is made from toilet paper....yes, that's what I said! Toilet paper!

I used a piece of mesh drywall tape along the bottom and attached a small frame. Inside it has the definition for "gown"...."dress" had already been torn out of my dictionary and used.

And just so you know how much I love peeling paint, this is my Google background....

That's all for now. You may not see me around Blogland for a few days....don't forget me! I'll be back soon. And I hope I'll have lots of new art to show you.


  1. Love what I see here Janet. You have got miles of ideas and inspiration and art and techniques. You could teach some classes. Enjoy your break.
    See you back soon I hope.

  2. Enjoy the break Janet... I am need ing one too. Off to read the article link you sent- looks like an intersting read. See you when you get back!

  3. Wow another us for TP...I LOVE it!

  4. I do love the dress and the background and all of it..Toilet Paper? Enjoy your break...See you soon.

  5. I read that article too! It really spoke to me as well! I am using his quote on the bottom of my emails now! I was so impressed. I respect how you're taking time to reflect , figuring out which direction you want to go in... Love the toilet paper dress and background. You should check out Elizabeth Gilberts talk on ted. You can find it on the bottom of her website... May help you figure out whats going on...

    Big hugs Giggles

  6. A break can be a good thing...
    I will miss you. I have to say this dress you made from TP is really adorable. The back ground really sets the stage...Your Journals are the color of maybe you feel right now.
    Can you believe it snowed here today, I am thinking gray!!!
    Love, Mary

  7. maybe the blue and green means you want to go sit by the water and put your feet up?!!!!! love the pages and your dress is great ... well done!

  8. The dress is beautiful! Enjoy the break and we look forward to seeing you recharged soon.

  9. Enjoy your break. I love your pages... The dress is cute too. You know I saw Austinkleon's post earlier this week but didn't take the time to read the whole thing. OMG its awesome. I had to add it to my blog post today.

    Thank you....

  10. Janet I love the project you did from the book. I just ordered that book and now I can hardly wait until it gets here. Also I just joined Loving Mixed Media and was introduced to Gary Reef, it is becoming a small world.

  11. This latest project is great Janet. Something different for you, and I love that you use TP..!
    Enjoy the break, we'll be waiting for you 'til you get back.

  12. Love the journal pages, Janet, as well as your project from Speed of Life (my copy just arrived today!). I'll miss you during your break, but will "see" you when you get back!

  13. Hi Janet...enjoy your break! I really like what you did on your project page. The dress from TP is inspiring! Love the background too. I have never tried the peeling paint technique. It all works!!

  14. I've been on a break, too, and catching up. My break is less lack of creativity than some crud going about here. My word is "snesse," which seems too sneezy to me! I can relate.

    I love your blues and greens. I often work in the same palate, which I know maynot be terribly daring but it pleases me. And your dress is lovely!

    Enjoy your break! Come visit when you can.

  15. I like your journal pages - all the blues and greens really appeal to me. Love that Art at The Speed of Life piece too. Enjoy your break - I'm having one too but more by default than decision, I have so much to do in my garden that it is taking priority at the moment. I could blog inthe evenings of course but I don't have enough energy by then:)

  16. I love blues and greens...and THAT is also one great looking Google!

  17. Your journal pages are beautiful Janet - very soothing. Hope you are enjoying your blog break.
    thanks for the lovely long email you sent me recently - will reply to it this weekend. Much love Dotxx


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