Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not Such A Good Day....

So far, I'm having a very bad day today. Nothing I want to talk about right now but it's causing me to be less than enthusiastic about blogging or anything else.

So I'll just show you another of my journal spreads and a few more ATCs.

I don't really shop at Macy's but it was the shortest name I could think of to put on the bag!

I thought about putting Michael's or Joann's but decided on Art Shop because I wish I had one close by.

These two ATCs were ones I drew quite some time ago.
I just added color to them.

This ATC background has been around for a long time. I added the flowers and words recently.

I hope to be in a better mood tomorrow....see you then.


  1. Love the journal spread and the ATCs, love all the color. Sorry that you are having a bad day...hope you feel better even BEFORE tomorrow!

  2. Janet,

    Sorry things are not great today. Your art is just fabulous though, I hope things look up soon,


  3. mother always said there'd be days like that. hang in there, tomorrow's another day.

  4. Love the girls.


  5. Hi Janet,
    So sorry to hear you're having a bad day.
    Know that you are loved, and cared for!
    I'm here to listen.
    Love your latest pages.
    Big, very big hugs,

  6. Big hugs heading your way...hope all is okay...and that you are back to your ole' self soon!!!

  7. Janet, I LOVE how you put the tangles in the girl's hair in your ATC...I might have to "borrow" that idea from you! It looks really great. I hope your day ended better than it began, and that tomorrow is brighter still!

  8. Your two girls are beautiful. The backgound is amazing and show them off really well. I find your work an inspiration as you are always trying out new ways with your art. Hope this comment finds you with a better day!

  9. We all have off days. The important thing is to not let them turn into something bigger.
    Hope your day is better today.
    Many hugs,

  10. This journal page rocks! Love that background! The ATC's are great! Hope you are having a better day(Fri) and have an even better weekend!

  11. It's seemed like practically this whole month has been one thing after another for us - nothing big, just lots of small things adding up that kept me away from doing the things I wanted to do, like blogging.
    Glad you were able to overcome the vibes. These pages are great!


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