Thursday, May 26, 2011

BIG Postcards....

We survived the power outage and the weather cooperated and stayed cool. Actually it was nice not to have the computer, TV, or any other "noise making" devices to distract me but I didn't get a lot of art done as I planned.

Instead HB and I worked in the yard doing some trimming and basic yard stuff. By evening I was not interested in starting the computer and spending a lot of time with it. And then yesterday was our monster shopping day so I was gone most of the day. We always do our grocery shopping on Wednesday or Thursday and we go to several stores. We just make a day of it.

The only thing I've made art-wise is a couple of over-sized postcards. I started with big advertising postcards that come in the mail. The ones I used were about 10.5" x 6". I just collaged a bunch of stuff on them and then doodled a bit. Here's the first one I did....

This is the front

and this is the back....
The upper right corner is blank
because that's where the postage will go.

I like using lots of different postage stamps
rather than a metered stamp. That way it
just adds to the art.

This is the second one.
It isn't finished yet....
it needs some doodles and stamping.

and this is the back with the same
upper corner for postage.
These large postcards cost more to send
but I think it's worth least here in the States.

I like doing these big postcards. I always save the ones that come in the mail so I can alter them. Free art materials is a good thing! And I'm sure you've guessed by now that my work table is no longer neat and tidy! It looks almost as bad as when I started the clean up. I guess that's just the way it will always be as long as I'm creating anything.


  1. They're all so pretty! love the bright colours :)

  2. Love the postcards ... fun!

  3. These are nice looking post your creative side.

    When you paint or do a wash over the cut out papers and when you draw on them...what kind of pens are using? Like are you using just the usual felt pens or another form of drawing media?

    I am now just starting up a collage journal for self healing mostly however I am calling it my abstract journal, last night I finished my first page.

  4. "Oh one other thing Janet...are you using anything for a sealer by some chance and if so what kind?

  5. Great postcards Janet what a great idea to use those things for the base.

  6. I like these too, I prefer working on a smaller surface than an a4 size, its somehow a nicer space to work with. Love all your postcards!

  7. These are so cool!! I should look into this more...I love postcards and these would make my day :D

  8. What fantastic snail mail!

  9. Ah yes but this time your desk is messy because you have been creating no just moving things around.
    I love the postcards. I still have mine in pride of place

  10. I love the look of your cards. They're very cool. Isn't it a nice feeling to start creating in a newly cleaned studio?

  11. Hi Janet,
    Hm, Where have I been?
    I've haven't seen postcards this big before.
    Great way to share your ART around.
    I'll have to try some.
    Happy creative weekend,

  12. The silence of no power is a good thing as long as it is cool outside. I am really drawn to the first postcard, love the colors.
    A messy table is a good thing as long as you are creating.

  13. Nice cards! I like the "dots" you added around some of the elements. Really like that first one with the black cat at the bottom, and the musical gal.

  14. You know Janet, you just ooze creativity! Love the big potcards! Jessi xox

  15. wonderful idea! so creative of you and fun for me to see.

  16. I love how your postcards came out! I really love the look of collage like this. I never thought of building on the advertising postcards that come in the mail...thanks for the idea!

  17. Your postcards are fantastic!. You really do excell at collage, such beautiful work.

  18. These postcards are so creative. Now I would never remember to leave a space for the stamp. Your recycling never ceases to amaze me, I am now starting to look at my trash in a different light.

  19. Hi Janet...I like your idea, both cards turned out great!! What is that "liberate your art" postcard swap...I don't know about that one? Have a great weekend!

  20. Fabulous postcards Janet! You make such fabulous things out of whatever you have at hand- love that!

    Btw, have a giveaway over at my place if you're interested:

  21. What fun! You are the most creative soul I know.

  22. Fantastic as usual Janet, you really are an inspiration to me.

  23. look at that 22 comments, wow, i love the postcards, I save them to, but have not done anything on them, but now you have put a lightbulb moment in my head.

  24. mailbox standouts..these are great, Janet!

  25. Well, all I can say as I look at this (to myself) is "Well, Duh!" I always give those a toss except for the few politically related ones on which I mark "Return to Sender" and stick them in back in the mail. How stupid of me -- these are wonderful and what a terrific substrate! Love them both, both sides, the whole nine yards!

    I have GOT to get to the table this weekend!

  26. You rock! These are fantastic Janet.
    Yes the stamps add to the art. Plus there are so many cool postage stamps these days.

  27. These are the best really put so much eye candy in them. It makes me want to do something, anything creative.
    It will just have to wait awhile longer. I just can't seem to pull myself together. Big Hugs, Mary

  28. Marvelous postcards, Janet. I was trying to work out if you retained any of the original card on the design. The coffee, perhaps???

  29. Janet! I must ask where did you get the woman in black & white with the turbanon her head? Another artist friend had a torn head copy of her from a mag that I used and altered! She is in my "Is What It Is" post! WOW!


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