Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Black Hole of Stuff....

Help! I've been swallowed up by the black hole of stuff! I've moved on to the biggest challenge so far in my de-cluttering of the studio. It's terrible right now. I've been piling things everywhere.

While going through the rest of the house I discovered tons of things that belonged in the studio so I would just open the door and put them down someplace. Now the studio is a huge mess! If you don't believe me take a look....

This is the table just to the right as you enter the room.
It's "supposed" to be my clean work table....
where I work on projects that don't use paint
or other messy things.

This is what you see straight ahead as you enter 
the room! I have my desktop computer off to the 
right, just past the stacked drawers. It's a challenge
to get to it each morning!

And this is my everyday worktable. Doesn't this
just inspire you to do some art?!!

Buried under that pile on the worktable is a journal spread I started recently. It's only in the preliminary stage but here's where I am so far....

I have an idea I want to experiment with....
This is just the first layer of random bits of paper.
I'll show you what I do with this when I can actually
find my worktable again!

This weekend is going to be clean-up, clear out time in the studio. Not a very exciting way to spend my time but something that has to be done. I hope your plans for the weekend are much more fun than mine!


  1. I'm doing the same exact chore, because I too clean like that. Its amazing how quickly my studio room can become buried

  2. Ha ha your a bit like me. I am trying to have a big big clean up and I am putting my craft stuff in the snug. Needless to say the snug is bulging at the seams. I am throwing things out too though. One day I will get sorted just as you will too.

  3. That studio of yours looks a bit familiar but mine is even more loaded. I'll have to do a job there coming week. Thanks for inspiring me.
    Perhaps I should snap a photo before and after.

  4. I feel your pain - as a memory. My decluttering is finished. Yay!! Now I need to make what's left work for me. Have fun digging out. LOL

  5. Actually I will be staighting up my studio as well - tomorrow (lol).
    Mine won't take more than an hour 'cuz most of the stuff is out in the dining room, and there it will stay for now - ha, ha, ha!

  6. Oh dear - i do empathise with you - i don't know what it is about us creative types that we just have to horde.

  7. Oh man, it kind of looks like my studio space right now. It's become a dumping ground too. I wish you luck and can't wait to see what becomes of that journal spread

  8. ewwww, do I know what you mean. My art room is a mess right now. I need to throw away a bunch of stuff that I'm not using. I like what you are doing on that journal spread...can't wait to see what you do to finish it...

  9. I know how you feel! I spent Friday cleaning up my studio just so I could take a photo of some work in progress. It is exhausting work. Hope it went well for you.

  10. Not really a mess Janet, just a sign of a creative mind!

  11. Same here Janet!
    My problem is as soon as it is cleaned up,I make more messes.
    Love your cityscape from last post.

  12. What a good idea to take "before" pics so you can compare and enjoy the "after" even more! The good thing about cleaning up the studio is that seeing all those yummy supplies can be a huge inspiration.

  13. Hi Janet :)

    I`m just about to read a de-clutter booklet from a course I`m taking and though I`ve already done a lot in past I`ve been putting it off. Thanks for inspiring me! lol


  14. Don't worry, Janet, it'll all come together, little by little, and I bet you'll be so glad you did it. At least you've gotten a good start, by getting it all in one room. I so need to do that too - right now, I'm still working on hacking my way around the yard. With all the rain we had this winter, it got to be a jungle out there - and I need to finish finding the outside of the house before the heat arrives, then I'll start on the inside...guess I know what I'll be doing this summer!

  15. How brave showing your before photos (which bear a distinct resemblence tomy "after" pics. All I can say is Good For YOU!!!

  16. Oh wow, you could be looking into my room at the moment, it is in the same condition and today is clean up day too. I get really frustrated that I have to spend all this time cleaning up when I could be painting argghhh.


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