Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I had a chance to play a little bit yesterday with the new Faber-Castell gel sticks. They're great! So creamy and smooth, and they smoosh just right when you add water.

Believe it or not, I didn't use the brighter colors first! I had a spread in my journal where I had "stamped" the excess ink from a couple of stencils I used on an earlier spread. I liked the randomness of the design that was left on the pages so I decided to work with that.

I wish I had taken a photo of the pages before I began adding more color but I think you'll be able to see what was underneath.

I have been saving this castle for just the right time. It's from a paper pack that I bought a couple of years ago. It seemed just the right colors for what I was doing.

The circles were done with the top from a new hair product I just bought. The edge was so smooth and a perfect size for circles. Instead of painting the edge of the top I used my stamp pad to add just a hint of color to outline the circles.

Then I wrote about things I dream of....I thought the colors had a dreamy look to them.

If anyone is interested in a new workshop for art journaling, Kelly Kilmer has one. If you sign up before the 23rd of this month it's only $20!

I credit Kelly with really getting me started on my art journaling. There have been a lot of people who have helped me over time but it was her monthly journaling workshops that she used to do that really got me going. I think I did three months with her and I still have my notes from those workshops and refer to them often.

Have some fun today....make some art!


  1. Oh what a beautiful spread you've made. Lovely colours and that castle in the middle of it all. Your writing looks so nice and clean.

  2. Hi Janet,
    Lovely journal pages here!
    Oh, that castle is very dreamy.
    I'm off to check out Kelly.
    Happy creating,

  3. Love your pages!! You know I have never heard of Faber-Castell gel sticks....can you elaborate sometime?

  4. Lovely work that you did with the gels. I am glad you liked them. I too started with those prompt a day classes. They really were great beginner classes, I learned a lot from them.

  5. very soft dreamy pages...turned out really well!

  6. Very beautiful, I wish I lived closer.

  7. Janet I think you could be teaching. I love your work and this one is gorgeous.

  8. Hi Janet - dreams are the best inspiration for art - filled with wonderful (and sometimes scary) images that give us glimpses into our subconscious secrets. i can see that you had fun doing this journal page. happy dreams

  9. Those are beautiful, dreamy pages! Wow, I love the colors, and the castle is perfect with them. I am totally resisting the urge to run out and look for those Faber-Castell gel thingies. Must use some of the products I already have first.

  10. Good work on the journal pages!!!
    I will be checking out Kelly too!

  11. I am going to michaels today, I have a 25% off on your entire Paper crafting purchase.
    The gel sticks look really wonderful on your pages. This was a great share, I will check it out while I am out and about today.
    I will also go look at Kelly's blog.
    It is going to be 75 today...Amazing, the sun is warm.
    Hugs, Mary

  12. Cool castle!
    Seeing your pages makes me want to stay inside and play - and the yard wants me to go outside and work (something seems backwards about that, lol)!

  13. Janet -- these sticks -- do they blend easily? Seems like they would. This page is really lovely and I appreciate the soft colors. I need to find the post where you speak about where these were fund. I've never seen/heard of them!

  14. Sorry I haven't been around...have had things coming up almost everyday here lately. Wow...new art gel sticks, hmmm? I need to resist. They worked great for you though...looks like. I'll be sure to check out Kelly's workshop...thanks!!!

  15. This page is fantastic Janet. I love the colours and the circles with journaling in them really add to the dreamy feel of the page.
    My dream is a great big studio too and to be doing art full time.


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