Monday, May 09, 2011

Goodies in the Mail....and a Journal Spread

I hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day! Mine was calls from both my kids and brunch out with HB.

Believe it or not, we're still working on the garage and probably will be doing so for several more weeks. If any of you have been around for a long time you've seen the pictures of all the boxes of books that were stacked in our garage. Since they were leftovers from my online book store, many of them aren't worth all that much so I've been donating them to the local library. A year ago they asked me not to bring any more as they had too many books! Recently they have started accepting books again so we're slowly taking them for donation. This process will take awhile so until it's finished the garage will be an ongoing project.

Not much art got done around here over the past few days but I did manage a journal spread even though it took me several days to finish. The date on it is May 6 but I didn't actually finish it until this morning.

I did the spread about time....or rather, no time.

The colors I used on the background were purely random. 
I spun my paint carousel around and blindly grabbed a color each time.
I'm not sure they actually work together but it was an experiment.

I love the stamp in the upper right corner.
It looks like chicken wire!
It came from Scarlet Lime.

I'm embarrassed to say this beautiful postcard came to me several days ago from Mary and I didn't post it until now. I love the bright colors....she paints phone book pages and then tears them up for collages like this.
Thank you,'s on my pin-up board for inspiration.

And another great mailbox surprise came to me from Kate....she sent me these fantastic gel sticks that she found at Barnes & Noble. I searched our local store but they didn't have any so Kate surprised me with these!
Thank you, Kate. I only got a few minutes to play with them last evening but today they're going to get a workout! They're dreamy smooth and the colors are great. I love them!!

Okay, I'm off to do some art, freeze some strawberries (hit a great sale on them!) and get around to visit some blogs this afternoon. Have a fun day....


  1. wow what great pages, and happy belated mothers day, now I am off to look for those gel sticks

  2. wonderful pages. i went to Michaels with a friend last week ... looked at papers, stamps ... think i'm getting the itch, but the *studio* is such a mess ... i've stacked all sorts of stuff back there. someday! at least the itch is still there!

  3. Glad to see the gels arrived safe and sound. Do go and have some fun with them.

  4. Your journal pages always amaze me Janet. Beautiful.

  5. h mothers day too... I had a great one aswell. I remember the books you had in your garage (photo) there were indeed lots there from what I remember, so happy sorting and getting back some garage space! Is there a reason why you need more space..are you planning anything exciting with the garage?/or just time to free up some space and rid of those books cluttering up the space?

  6. Thanks for the peek at your journal. I am loving images of clocks right now, so it is right up my alley. With all of those books lying around, you should look into some book arts! I've been playing around with Jason Thompson's Playing with Books (I'll be posting about it sometime in the near future)...great use for books that are otherwise unloved!

  7. Good luck on finishing the monumental task of clearing out the books from the garage...yes, I do remember you posting a pic ages ago.

    It sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day, Janet. Mine was too.

    Great journal pages! I commend you for finding time to do them. I'm such a slacker.

    I've been absent from blogging for a few weeks but, hopefully, I'm back and will be visiting regularly again.

    Have a great week,
    Serena xo

  8. Hi, I really like the way you use the immages of the clocks. Make me feel in a hurry some sort of way. Very nice card you got in your mailbox as well. I've been doing some journaling too lately and I love it.

  9. the worst thing is my job gets in the way of doing art - not for too much longer - i love your pages - great joyful colours.

  10. the worst thing is my job gets in the way of doing art - not for too much longer - i love your pages - great joyful colours.

  11. Hello Janet...Lovely journal page...I like the color combination. It's been hectic around here, my mom has been in the hospital but she's doing better now. I must get started on four postcards that need to be finished by the end of the week.

  12. Nice spread and great colors! Interesting -- never seen gel sticks. Might be fun to play with! I admire your garage work -- I'm afraid to go into mine -- afraid I'll never work out. (Really, those colors work very well!)

  13. What beautiful journal pages and so true. Wonderful!

  14. Love the pages and those gel sticks look yummy.
    I don't know if they have one in your direction, but our local Goodwill opened a satellite store that is just for books. We both love books (maybe a little too much!). I've been trying to talk K into us 'thinning out the herd' on our bookshelves. One of these days, we'll get around to it...
    Glad you had a happy Mother's Day!

  15. I love this page Janet, so in tuned with my thinking at the moment. All that decluttering should give you more time in then end.


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