Friday, May 13, 2011

Is Blogging Dead??

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Five years ago I began this blog. In the beginning I barely knew how to find other blogs but I soon learned. There were just too many blogs to keep up with. I spent a lot of time blog-hopping and meeting people.

Over the years I've had about the same amount of comments with the exception of certain blog posts that went way over the top. Readers come and go on a regular basis. Some of my readers have been with me since the beginning and I count them as friends along with many others who have been with me for a shorter time.

But lately I've seen a trend away from blogging. Everyone wants to communicate in shorter and shorter bits of time. Facebook and Twitter seem to be taking over much to my dismay. I'm probably the only person on the planet who doesn't like Facebook but I just don't trust it! Any time one site has information on millions (or billions) of people it can't be good. I tried Facebook for a short time and was just not comfortable. I've completely deleted myself from the site....which, by the way, took a lot of digging to find out how to do it. That made me uneasy, too.

Anyway, this whole post is to find out your opinions on blogging and do you think it's dying out? Is it just too time-consuming to read a blog? Does it take too much time to leave comments? Do you find yourself spending most of your time on Facebook and Twitter rather than blogging?

I'm curious because I love having a blog but if it's all dying out I may just close my blog and fade into the sunset. I love sharing art and learning from other bloggers but it all seems to be slowing down recently. Is it just spring fever or is this a trend? What do you think?


  1. New reader here. I had a travel blog for a while. I wrote while I was planning a trip to Paris and while I was in Paris (for 5 weeks). Other than that I don't have a blog and have no plans to blog - but never say never, right. As far as reading blogs - I have a TON in my google reader and I check it several times a day. I started reading blogs when I got into card-making. Although I'm still subscribed to those blogs, I got into mixed media a couple of months ago and those are the blogs I really enjoy. (Now you know how I found you)

    All that to say - I LOVE blogs. For me, other peoples' blogs have been a wonderful way to inspire me and teach me about whatever I'm interested in. My subscriptions aren't limited to the arts, I read fashion blogs, travel blogs, and even some that I categorize as "misc" and just like to read because I enjoy that person.

    As far as commenting, I don't often comment because I follow so many. Sometimes a blog entry (like this one) I put in my two cents worth. Just because people don't comment doesn't mean they aren't there.

    And that's my rather long-winded opinion about blogs...but that's just me. :)

  2. I love all of my favorite always inspire me with your artistic talent! I hope no one stops blogging! It's such a great avenue for our creativity! ♥

  3. I really do not hope bloging stops. When it comes to commenting it seems difficult to get people to do so. I can see from the stats on my own blog that a lot of people are visiting but only a few do comment.
    When speaking of facebook and twitter, never been to twitter but I have a fb account but don't use it any more. Too boring. Much more fun to visit blogs like yours.

    Today blogger was dead for a long time and I was so frustrated, cos I had a new post to edit. Luckily alive now.

  4. I think we're the pioneers. Social media and blogging is a must for authors and artists. Like you I feel the exact same way about twitter and facebook. I have facebook but use it rarely. I feels it's too invasive and caution young people about what they say on it! We are the wise old owls who know the possible ramifications. I used a
    nick name on mine too. Doesn't mean they can't trace my ip. I find it hard to keep a daily blog after five years. I need to be more creative in my writing. Like the first commenter I also read loads of my favorite art and design blogs. I often pass by ones with no visuals though and if they are too wordy! Depends on my mood. But I love blogs. It just opens up the world to everyone! Keep blogging Janet, just be who you are! Love your blog, your ethic, your art! You are special and always worth my time!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I don't see a trend away from blogging. The social networks such as Facebook and Twitter tend to draw younger people who seem to hop about anyway. I like FB for keeping up with my family but after about a year, I've limited my visits there to weekly. I don't get involved in the apps, preferring to "waste my time" blog surfing. Those networks are for quick in the moment interaction. I don't pay attention either to the businesses that go there because they think that's where they get the customers. Referrals are gladly accepted there by me, but I really prefer a blog or website to check out a business,not a FB page.

    It's all evolving.

  6. I love blogs - they are still my most favorite way of keeping in touch with what have now become friends...

    I use FB - but hate Twitter...

    Don't give up your blog...I know mine hasn't been too active lately - but, am still trying to get my apartment under control.

  7. Hi Janet, I agree with most of the comments here. I do believe, as Giggles said, that a blog is a must for artists and authors. I feel blessed that I have met some aqauintances from all over the planet - that to me is soooo awesome. Facebook is just another way to reach family and friends. Some people I know don't care for it. Recently, I have pulled away from using it for any stretch of time.
    I don't get a lot of comments on my blog, I have grown accustomed to that. It would be nice to hear from people, but commenting is time consuming.
    Don't disappear - it's too much fun to see what you've created. I keep learning and trying new techniques because of the art that you post :)

  8. I am new to blogging, started in January this year, but it has opened me up to a whole new world out there, across all continents and I have learnt so much. What I love about your blog Janet is that you are always pushing your boundaries and you give inspiration to your followers.

    Like you I don't do twitter and have an account on facebook which I never use. I do find that looking at too many blogs can get overwhelming, and can make me procrastinate. I do try to comment on things that really strike a cord or I am impressed by, albeit a short one (this is the longest comment I have ever written, but I feel that it needs it).

    I would hate to see blogs disappear as they are such a good communicator of art, in all forms and from all walks of life, they can also be thought provoking, funny and sad. Long may they continue!

  9. Well Janet here is another post which proves to me that you and I are twins.
    I have been wondering about the trend with blogging and I have slowed down a bit myself lately but I know that I could not give it up because I would miss the contact with the many wonderful blogging friends that I have met.
    I did join FB last year and only used it for a day or two but this week I thought I would check the e-mail account that I used and there were dozens of people asking to be my friend.These people are my friends on blogger so why do they need to be my friends on FB.
    I don't always comment on blogs unless I feel that what I have to say is meaningful and honest.
    So the answer for me is that as long as you and I are blogging we will have a friend to talk to.

  10. Hi Janet,

    I LOVE blogging and can't see me ever stopping regardless of the trend. I tried Facebook and just never found the time to visit and it just didn't compare to blogging so I deleted, or deactivated, my account...can't remember which. I don't fully comprehend the whole Twitter thing so steer clear.

    I am deeply grateful to the blog world because it has brought me so many like-minded friends where we chat, share our work, share our lives, and where we also learn from each other....a very special community.

    That said, I have noticed some people tiring of blogging. I have had a bit of a break myself over this past month, mostly due to family and medical stuff going on, but I am now getting back into the swing of things.

    PLEASE don't stop blogging...your blog is one of my faves!!!

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  11. Janet, just typed you long reply and got booted... maybe blogging is trying to get rid of me.

    Anyway, was just saying my hub thinks FB and all is evil, too. He is suspect of anything with Microcrap behind it!

    I don't want to give up my blog because I can be thorough there -- have complete thought process. But some readers have crossed over to Tw and FB so I do feed my posts over to those platforms. People read and comment there now, too. Very different than back in 2007 :) And some of it, I do with a more "business of your art" perspective on marketing and such, so??? It's a hard call.

    I do hope you won't leave us though! I looooove getting glimpses in the heART of art with all the glitter sisters :)

    Sending xoxox's

  12. Oh I certainly hope blogging isn't dying!! I've only been at it a year or so, and I LOVE LOVE my blogging friends. though its true the last few months I've been buried in school work and therefore rather neglectful. but I'm back! whahooey!

    I'd certainly miss your blog. the whole reason I love blogging is finding artists who give their readers tips and techniques that I can try out. and then the amazing friendships start happening, and thats darn cool too.

  13. I LOVE the blogging community! I don't care for facebook. I have an account but hardly ever go there. It seems to be just quick mindless chatter for the most part and the friends I really connect with have blogs so I can talk with them there. I love to see what everyone is working on, what is going on in their lives and what is important to them. I try to comment as much as possible but sometimes my brain just won't function and I can't seem to get the words out.

    I hope blogging never dies. I finally got the courage to start my own blog in October so I've hardly gotten my feet wet!

    Janet, Even if I don't leave a comment every time, I always read and enjoy your blog and your art. Please don't stop!

  14. Hi Janet,
    Ah, I'm with you honey!
    I love blogging~seeing what others are up to and share their latest and my latest news and art pieces.

    I have a few family members on facebook and really see it as trouble in a lot of instances(we don't get that in the blogging world)

    As I've been blogging for some time now and seem to have less hours in the day, I don't comment as much as I use to or probably should?

    Hm, as for twitter I haven't even tried to understand it. lol
    Hope my opinion has helped your thoughts.
    Happy creating,

  15. I tend to agree with you that the love affair with blogging just isnt there anymore or probably has faded a bit. I too have had fave blogs dissappearing but then other ones pop up and i love to follow. So not sure how long much life there is still left in blogging, but I must say I just love reading blogs. I do admit to not liking posting in as much on my blog anymore though.
    Comments - find that more people visit than comment if at all, which can be disappointing. thats my 2 cents worth!

  16. Interesting subject... You are not alone in your FB "love". I have it, but almost never visit it because I can't feel it. For me it's like a huge river flowing and flowing and a ton of information just passes by and if you're lucky you see something interesting. On the other hand, blogs are like journals (to me) and that is how I see my blog. It's my personal stamp, a way to record what I did... and it's so very interesting to look where my art was several years ago.

    There is also the part where we connect with others and I love that too. As you said - there are people that became our friends through blogging and I treasure that.

    To comment or not comment.... to post often or not... those are all personal decisions. I think that they are important only for professional bloggers. And since I'm not one of them, I don't worry about it.

    So, no... I don't think that blogging is dead.

  17. NO NO NO dont stop..its vital for fellow artists who cant always get out and about for their artists dates...good blogs are things of beauty and give me hope that in this instantaneous disposable media there is substance and meaning....

  18. This is really a fascinating discussion, and while I don't always read comments when I'm commenting, this time I read every one.

    Here's my take, as a person who does two blogs, FB (for work mostly, but I post on my own page when I go in to make work posts) and tweet (for work, which I hate.)

    They all serve different purposes. FB is a good way to keep an eye on things going around with a lot of people -- in my case, business associates (I love the links) and brief bits about folks that I'm not involved with so intimately as my day to day work colleagues or good friends (and I count bloggers in that). To me, twitter is a good way to share links and bulletins, but nothing terribly personal or obviously in-depth.

    But a blog is special. It's long-form and allows you to share things in more depth and detail. You can put in one photo and post a poem about it or ten photos (or more!) and show a technique, project, or just life. I like that. I learn more from blogs and I consider many of the people I've "met" on blog as genuine friends, not just online acquaintances. When we meet in person, it's all the richer.

    I hear the same thing in the industry -- blogs are on the way out. (I have to do a lot of social media reading for my work). But on a personal level, I disagree (and most of what I read refers to blogs as a communication technique for offices). As an artist, as others mentioned -- critical.

    And I would add to that, as a curious person with something to share -- be it creative, thoughtful, family, whatever -- to self-selecting people who appreciate it, then very useful and important.

    Finally, two things -- first, DON'T STOP -- I'll miss you! Second, if you don't have google analytics (free) add them. You'll be surprised how many stop by who don't comment. I could tell you stories, but I'll quit now!

  19. After reading 18 comments, I must say I agree with what has been said. I do not post daily on my blog, only when I feel there is something "worth the time" or as a matter of keeping track of what is going on in my "exciting life". My blog is more for a record for me, I do however LOVE to read blogs for inspiration and to see what others are doing. I do not always leave a comment but I hope blogs continue. I do not twitter, and very seldom go on my FB.

  20. I am guilty of blog neglect, but do enjoy visiting my old pals, like YOU!
    I may not post as much or visit as often, but I do enjoy it.
    You were among the first friends I made 5 years ago, and I will always be grateful for that.
    big hugs

  21. I love, love, love blogging (reading and writing), but don't always find time to comment, or I go through and comment on loads of posts on the one day, often going back a few posts in the process.

    I used to be on FB and got so mad at them when they changed the terms re photos a few years back without notifying anyone (they took over the right to your photos, but had to change it back again later because of the backlash... though I've heard they've done other equally stupid things since then). I just don't trust them one little bit. I'm also furious that people assume everyone has an FB account, like when you read blogs and they say "more details on my FB page" or whatever. Anyway I love blogging and hope it doesn't die. I'll keep talking to myself if I have to cos I don't see myself giving up any time soon.

  22. Janet, No its not dead I think it just evolves. I think that all these social media things attract different people and for different reason. I have accounts in the big 3 and use them differently. On facebook I can connect with the local people I know and those who have moved away. It is not intimate at all. Twitter I use to get information, its is big with writers and authors. I see blogging as amore intimates experience, it is where I can share my time, my thoughts and my art. The other sites are soundbites and on my blog I can tell whatever I want. I also feel that you need to look at what you want from blogging. If it was comment I craved I would have quit long ago because I don't get that many. I don't want adoration I jus want connections with other women and blogging does that for me. I think I will always blog. I will take breaks though, sometime that really freshens things up.

  23. Hi Janet...I don't think blogging is on it's way out just yet. I have certain blogs I visit every fews days and others, not so often. I have been blogging almost three years and most of the time as Janet O, mentioned I don't get a lot of comments but I know that people are visiting my blog. I don't consider myself a good writer but I enjoy showing off my art journal pages or other art. I have learned so much from seeing what others are doing via their blogs.
    As far as Facebook goes(never have had Twitter & don't plan to)...I had FB for a short time, and like you deleted it. People get on there an "tell" too much of their business, imo. Facebook is the most impersonal way of being personal...not for me.
    Blogs rule!!!

  24. I have to admit, after finding so many of my childhood friends on FB, I am addicted. And, it probably does take away from my blogging. I'm trying to continue to blog because I use it as my journal, so to speak. When I don't post on some thing I did, I'm like "What? When? Who?" I'm lost. With that said, I have become obsessed with my photos on the blog and it takes me for-EVER to get them where I like them. Kind of a chore. But, I will NOT give it up. Even if I only post once a week, I feel like I've accomplished something. We cannot lose you, you just keep on bloggin', girl! xo

  25. I have FB, but have not been really faithful to it. I was MIA most of the time until a friend found me there, so I have been on it alot with her.
    Janet, my Dear friend, I hope you continue to blog. I have not been posting about my crafts like in the past because I have been really busy working on Ancestry. I should be putting things that I find on my blog, but I am afraid that it is boring if it is not your own family.
    Is blogging going away, I hope not. And to be honest, I am a little afraid of FB because of all the resons I have read here today and things I have head.
    I love that people are finding each other on FB, it has been very special for me. Blogging is home to me, it is where I have found such wonderful blogging friends, it is where we found each other years ago. It will die if we let it, Hugs, Mary

  26. I dont think it's either spring fever nor a trend. I think it is simply personal choice. I like to keep up with friends on blogs, and I like to meet new people and learn new art techniques, etc. I dont comment in long paragraphs (well, not always) because I just dont really have that much to say. A simple comment of a few lines lets someone know what I think of their post, or maybe just let them know I've been there visiting. I too do not have a Facebook account (cancelled it for the same reasons as you) nor do I twitter. Blogging is enough for me. I dont want the computer to take over my life so one is enough for the time I have to spend. I hope you dont close your blog Janet, 'cuz I really like coming here. LOL maybe one day it will be just you and me. But I doubt it! :)

  27. Janet, I'm so happy to have found you through our mutual friend Lee. I enjoy your blog and I especially love your journal posts.

    I'm a bit worried about the future of blogging too... and sometimes think there are more bloggers than there are blog readers!! LOL

    Although I'm enjoying Facebook, I think it's a bit suspicious AND it's another huge time commitment.

    But if we keep shortening our connections with one another, what's it going to be like? Robots walking around and exchanging quick blinks and winks which are shorthand for actual conversation?
    It's sort of sad.

    For now, I'm just trying to support other beautiful and creative people. I think those that do follow our blogs really do care about us and our journeys and we're somehow part of something bigger than our physical communities (if that makes any sense??) LOL

    I'm grateful for your site as well as so many other amazing and talented people's sites that are out there...!

    Best wishes from germany, tj

  28. Hi Janet...I just found your blog and have been "lurking" for a couple of weeks...I love looking at blogs...I find a lot of inspiration and ideas thru them. Personally, commenting is hard for me, cause i don't know the people personally, so I always think that the writer of the blog is thinking, who's that person...LOL.
    I have a blog, but not the dedication to posting every day...or every week. I am trying to do better, cause it a thrill when I get a new follower or comment on my blog.
    I hope you keep blogging...

  29. Interesting post Janet, it isn't dying out as far as I'm concerned but I do agree that it can be time consuming both reading other blogs and writing posts. The effort is worth it on both counts though. My blog is a record of places I've visited and also of the passing of the seasons so I write for my own benefit as much as anything and occasionally I enjoy looking back at my own posts which bring back lovely memories and also lots of details that I'd forgotten about. I love reading comments as well and have found lots of other great blogs through them. I don't spend my life in Blogland and occasionally need days like today where I do a lot oc catching up because I've been too busy living real life to keep up with commenting. It's cool, drizzly and grey and I've nothing planned so it's a perfect day for spending a few hours on the computer

  30. I don't think there is anything I can add to this discussion. Blogging is not dead. That is all.

  31. I have actually been wondering the same things myself Janet. It does seem quiet at the moment but because I haven't been blogging for long I thought that it may be a seasonal thing. I admit that I am time poor and I read and comment during my lunch hour at work in case I don't get time when I get home, so it sometimes takes me ages to catch up if I fall behind.
    I do see a trend towards Facebook and Twitter , particularly with the younger generation. I don't use twitter but I have a facebook account. I use facebook for contact with far away family and to keep up to date with my favourite authors. I wouldn't like to see it replace blogging because you can say and show so much more on a blog and it feels more personal. Blogs are so inspirational too compared to FB. I guess it all depends on what you want out of each experience.

  32. Very interesting point about shorter and shorter bits of communication.

  33. I think there are, and always will be, bloggers, facebookers, twitterers, etc. If any were to fade away as a fad, I hope blogging is the last to go. Regarding your blog, and others like it (including mine), you (we) can't share what you (we) want to share with those other venues. Better to post less if time is an issue than not post at all. I would be sad if you disappeared.

  34. Anonymous6:55 AM

    I love blogs - I can't have one because of slow computer service, but as a fellow artist I love ready about other art forms, than my own.
    I love blogs because usually they have details, how things are made, info. which isn't available to me living in the middle of a forest in Canada.
    I love blogs because they make me cry, laugh, smile and learn. They start my day often, like a good cup of coffee.
    Your blog does all of the above - keep up the good work!

  35. Thank you Anonymous! I guess with a blog you just never know who you'll touch out there in the world! I plan to keep blogging because I love it so much.


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