Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Wedding, a Swap and a Lot of Work....

May can it be? I can't seem to keep up anymore! Could be because I spent almost one entire day watching the Royal Wedding! I tried to stay up for it but I couldn't do it so I just recorded it and watched it the nest day. I thought Catherine looked beautiful and William (and Harry) looked handsome in their uniforms. I hope they will be happy and the paparazzi will leave them alone.

Other than that HB and I are continuing our quest of clearing out all the junk and unnecessary stuff from all over the house. So far we've tackled the attic, the guest room closet, our master bedroom closet and now we're working in the garage. So not much art has been done.

I received the ATCs from Tam's Umbrella Swap for April. Raewyn was my partner and she sent these....

Aren't they cute? It's "Waiting at the Bus Stop"

And this one is "On the Terrace"

I think they're both great. Thanks, Raewyn!! A few days ago I posted the two ATCs I sent to her. I think I got the better of the deal. I don't think I'll do the swap for this month because I'm so behind with everything. I'll probably have to have art lessons to remember how to do anything!  Hang in there! I promise to have some art soon.

PS - I know I owe several of you a visit and an email and I will get all that done as soon as I can.


  1. Hi Janet, your umbrella swap is so cute. Where in Alaska is your son. I love the inside passage, Sitka, Juneau, but my favorite is Skagway.

  2. Cute postcards, Janet! I wasn't going to watch the Royal Wedding but ended up glued to the telly anyways. lol As it was screened earlier in the evening here, we were able to watch it LIVE.

    Good luck with all the decluttering. I always feel so refreshed afterwards.

  3. Hi Janet. The wedding was beautiful. Loved her dress and that gorgeous veil. It laid on her head perfectly.
    Have fun cleaning out the old.
    Make room for new stuff.

  4. Umbrella's are so much fun. I thought these were really cute.
    Happy May Day, mary

  5. Hi Janet, I spent the night watching the wedding too and loved it. I just love everything about the royals and her dress was stunning.
    Love the postcards, so cute.
    Good luck with your de-cluttering, that is on my agenda for this month too.

  6. I to watched the wedding, I got up at 3:00 in the hotel to watch, just till I saw her dress, then went back to bed, been watching it here and there all weekend. I love the atcs you did, and ones she did. I am glad to be backk in blogland

  7. Hi Janet...the ATC's you got from Raewyn are very cute! It's still raining here...been raining for almost two solid weeks! I watched a short video after the wedding because I wanted to see Catherine's dress. Good luck on your junk clearing!

  8. glad you enjoyed the wedding I think we ALL stopped to watch it! wasnt it a wonderful occassion?

  9. Hi Janet thanks for a lot of kind words over at my site. Wasn't it a nice weddingdress, she and the rest of her family looked very nice. I really envy your decluttering mode, I too have a lot of stuff to get rid of. And that magnificent feeling when it's done.....

  10. You are far to kind Janet I loved my ATC's from you ! I loved the wedding didn't see it all but Catherine was beautiful and William and Harry both very handsome indeed.

  11. I kind of regret missing the wedding; I wish I had made more of a point to DVR it. I might just be one of the only people in the world who didn't watch it! Congrats on all the cleaning out, and good luck with the rest of it.

  12. Such cute ATCs!
    The wedding was lovely, wasn't it? Even though we don't watch tv, we do go online, where the whole shindig was available to watch - and I must admit, I was fascinated with watching it all, admiring all the details, from her beautiful dress to the magical trees in the cathedral...
    I agree with you - I hope the paparazzi respects their privacy now that the ceremony's over, give the newlyweds some space!

  13. my boss gave us the afternoon to watch the wedding - i went home and made art - then got wedding fever and stayed up till 12.30 watching highlights. i love your blog Janet - glad i found you - will be back for more reads.

  14. I LOVE that umbrella card! What a fun one to get with the three little girls. That's a cool swap!

    I, too, was glued to the set -- the "real" wedding and all the reruns. I'm either a romantic or sick!


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