Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finishing the First Month of ICAD....

So what have I been doing the past few days, you ask. My answer would be, not much! At least nothing exciting to show you. I'm trying to sand and gesso all those paint brochures I pilfered from the paint departments! The stack seems to keep getting bigger as I go along....and honest, I haven't been to the paint stores again.

I found an old painting that was unfinished (how rare!!) so I set it aside to work on. I've managed to put another half hour into it but it's still not ready to go on the "done" pile. Just not feelin' it right now.

The index cards are still being done though. I'm keeping up with this challenge so far, and I haven't even taken off the one day a week allowed. As of today I've done 30 index cards.

06/27/2011 - this one is a little piece of scrapbook paper, a backing from some stamps I bought, and an image I think came from one of the free image groups on flickr.

06/28/2011 - this image came from an advertising book I got at a thrift store several years ago. I added a little scrapbook paper and some black from a magazine.

06/29/2011 - splopped some paint onto this index card using a palette knife, then drew some flowers and a doodle and called it done.

06/30/2011 - used a paint dauber to make the blue flowers, added stems and leaves with markers and paint. More summer flowers. I think I have flowers on my mind because the agapanthus is just beginning to open up this year and I have a few gladiolas blossoming in the yard. There are some pics of them over on my photo blog....the link is on the right side.

Now I think I'll try to finish that one painting today. And work on some more paint brochures. I don't have a huge area where I can work on several at one time so this is slow going. Wish me luck....


  1. I love those index card, my fav whats your hurry.....those little cards keep you busy

  2. Very nice icads-so what are you going to do with those paint brochures? Sounds interesting!

  3. I am fascinated with your index card art Janet it will be amazing when you are finished.

  4. Hi Janet! I admire your gusto....30 cards is a lot! Congratulations! xo

  5. Hi Janet,
    More Great index cards here!
    Hey, I raided my paint shop today, then visited the post office with my load in hand. LOL
    Have fun with the Aussie brochures when they arrive.
    Creative hugs,

  6. Great cards. I saved that same 7gypsies package backing. LOL

  7. I love the first two!!!!!! especially the first one
    I always associate agapanthus with Christmas time.. because that is when they bloom here. I use them in my Christmas decorating of my home.

  8. I'm loving your cards.Proud of you being able to get one done every day.
    I have been trying to weed and create. Don't know who is winning yet...LOL

  9. Wow! Beautiful cards. What a great challenge. Well done for not missing any. This looks like fun!

    Your artwork is beautiful and so is your blog. Have a great weekend.

  10. Hi Janet...Your cards look great...I got behind but caught up this morning. I'm having so much fun doing them, aren't you? I helped my mom take her cat to the vet yesterday...went to a jewelry making party last night and we went to the movies this afternoon. I hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Those index cards are wonderful, fave would be the one you splotched paint on with a palette knife and then drew the flowers with black pen...nice job!

  12. I love seeing all those cards you have made. I am still cleaning and organizing away.

  13. Busy girl! Great index cards! My fav is the paint splotched flowers. I'm in a flower mood too (always, tee, hee).
    Jessi xox

  14. Cool index cards. Reminded me that I have to start my sketchbook for the 2012 Sketchbook project. Summer seems to be a busy time for everything but art.

  15. Love all those index cards, Janet. You are going to have an amazing collection of art at the end of this project (or perhaps you'll never stop!). I really like the flowers made from the paint dauber.


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