Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fruit and Flowers....

Busy, busy day! Wednesday is our grocery shopping day. HB reads all the ads when they come in the mail on Tuesdays, we make a list of all the sale items we're interested in, plus a list of things we need and then we begin our trek around to all the different stores. Today we only managed to get to five stores with three more left on our list. We'll do those on Friday. For all my Aussie friends, I bought bananas today four pounds for $0.99!! Don't hate me!
Now for some arty stuff. Remember my paper towel stained by the strawberries? I glued it into my art journal and at first it looked great. But a few days later when I looked, it had faded and barely anything was still visible. Maybe the Mod Podge and the strawberry stains didn't like each other. Whatever it was, I had to paint over it. I used a light pink but it just didn't have the same pizazz as the stains.

The paper towel was difficult to work over, too.

I cut a strawberry stamp out of Fun Foam....

and free-handed some cherries and blackberries.
It's okay but not really what I was going for originally.
Here's my index card for today....
Recently I won a handmade journal from Miss KoolAid....
It arrived and I love it! The paper is a great weight and will be
good for mixed the size is perfect!

Sophie also included some of her painted papers and other fun papers and embellishments to use in my art. There were so many fun things in this package. Thank you, Sophie!! You ROCK!!!!


  1. $0.99 cents!! gee it is so long since we had those prices, thanks for the tease :))
    I like the colour on your strawberry page, how strange that the original stains faded. I love the stamp you cut out too, cute!
    great index card and what a great package from Sophie, you will have lots of fun with those pieces, lucky girl

  2. I bought two bananas yesterday and had one for lunch..what a treat! like the previous poster said - thanks for the tease!! lol!

  3. Beautiful papers Janet. So great to have generous friends. I like the new look of your blog. Sorry I've been missing in action lately. Too much stuff taking place. Hopefully things will ease up a little soon.

  4. I think this is a fun page. Sorry the stains didn't work out but you did a great job on this one.

  5. Wow! That's some comprehensive shopping you do! You must get some great deals from doing all that homework. Congratulations on your journal "win". I love all the fruity and flowery goodness in your journal and on your index card!

  6. Paper towel and strawberries. Only you, Janet! I'm sorry it didn't work but I like the page!

  7. Hi's kind of fun to bargain shop. The strawberry page looks yummy...great job. I saw your index card at the flickr the flowers! I covet that journal...very nice!!!

  8. my favorite are paper napkins unused ;-) but i don't mind saving the wrapping of other foods or sandwich to add in my journal
    I love bananas! all kind of fruits!
    bargains are fun!

  9. I think the page of strawberry turned out great..
    My grocery day is Monday..Funny how we have our days.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. I've always admired people who can shop and create meals from a list of sales items from ads. I have a friend who has a real gift for it. Lucky you to have hubs be willing to go around to all the different stores.

  11. I love your strawberry page spread but I am sorry the original plan did not work out. Well we don't know unless we try it out! I love that journal you recieved from Sophie. Fab! Hugs, Jessi xox

  12. I bet that was a real challenge working with a paper towel, still though to me it looks great. Your strawberry pages looks much like Summer ought to feel!

    Looking forward at seeing what you will do with your new gifts.

  13. What fun things you got from Sophie. I had difficulty working over my paper towel too.Next time I may add paint over it or try some other technique. Writing on it was hard.


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