Monday, June 20, 2011

A Little Peek at Some Art....

Here it is Monday and we're supposed to be posting our green art for the Summer of Color....and mine isn't finished! I've been doing too many other things and my journal spread is only partially ready. I hope to have it by tomorrow.

I worked a little on the tall skinny canvas I showed awhile back. I am doing a partial face on it. Here's a peek at part of what I've done so far....

I work on her a little at a time so it isn't going fast. This will be a half-face with just one eye showing. I like doing half-faces. For some reason they're intriguing to me.

Here's my index card for yesterday....

I haven't finished the one for today. I'm moving a little slower today because I think our nice weather is over. We're expecting 97º today and 103º tomorrow! HB and I spent a lot of time in the yard over the weekend since it was almost perfect weather. He put up a new trellis for one of our jasmine plants. The other two will also get new trellises sometime this week.

If you look closely (click on the photo) you can see a piece of the green gardening tape in his mouth! He is always meticulous when he does things like this. He carefully attached each branch to the trellis in several places. He worked on it all afternoon on Saturday....then he sat on the patio on Father's Day and admired his handiwork!

Okay, I'm going to go work in my art journal now....and try to stay cool. Don't forget to have some fun today and smile at someone!


  1. What a blessing that HB likes to do that sort of thing....
    we both like yard work but honey is just to busy on his job.
    The lady face is coming along well,
    looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

  2. HB sounds like Daniel. He has been playing yard warrior all month and whacking low branches in all of our zillions of trees. They needed it too as it's rough riding a mower under them.
    I so Love Your Art! The Canvas is beautiful! And Love that index art.
    Oh,,I have a jasmine plant too but it's not nearly as big as your beautiful plant. It's hot here today, 95 degrees, with humidity will feel close to 100.

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I love your art journal entries,, lovely,

  4. Well good day to you! This looks wonderful so far! I love the colors you have chosen. I see your yard and I think about how bad our yard looks!!! We do not have green thumbs but instead tend to kill mostly everything, except our grass! Hubby is very good with our grass! LOL.
    Your yard looks beautiful.

  5. I to like have faces, and those lips are perfect you need to do a tutorial on how you do those lips. Love that icad, and peek into your backyard.

  6. intriguing face - mmm full of mystery. sounds like you are having fine weather - good time to spend in the garden. down my end of the world as winter sets in yard is full of leaves - given up raking.

  7. I love your half-faces!! Your half-faces are always HOT!!

  8. You are also meticulous and have many that admire your artwork.

  9. That's interesting -- an index card a day. You're so darned good! I get home and I feel so done. I'm two weeks behind in my Claudine Hellmuth class... Got to get my act going!

  10. It is a wonder he didn't get the tape attached to his beard. But then I guess men are careful about those sort of things.

    Enjoying your art style all of the time and I too is also looking forward at seeing what you had done with that 1/2 face gal too.

  11. oh waaaaaaa! Blogger threw away my comment....grrrr @$**&**!!!!!

  12. aaah.. bluue sky work getting done in the garden and on paper - I am envious as its a dark cloudy day here! Love that awaken card!

  13. Your girlie is coming along... I have started a green fairy painting but she's no where near being finished for the green week. So I took the easy way out this week with a journal page, lol! Great index card this week too! Hugs, Jessi xox

  14. Thank You for coming by, I love this picture of Kayla and Annabelle.
    HB is like my Arney, he gets things done.
    It looks like we will get summer after all. We have had a long cold, wet spring. We had thunder and lighting night before last and today is was warm.
    As always you art talks to me....big Hugs, Mary

  15. I love her hair! the colours are so pretty and soft. cannot wait to see how she evolves..

    [thanks tons for continuing to comment on my blog even though I have been absent from commenting. I just cannot seem to get myself out of this funk..xo ]

  16. Hi Janet...I like where you are going with the painting...can't wait to see it when you finish. I'm late getting around the index card!

  17. Wow we are having some nice weather for a couple days but still is cool compared to you. Loved the sneak peak, looking forward to seeing her finished.

  18. I'm smiling at you Janet :)
    Lovely post, I like the look of your canvas, I like the mystery of half faces too. Great cards and it looks like great weather to be out in the garden.


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