Friday, June 17, 2011

More Fruity Themes....

If you have sent me an email or left a comment in the past couple of days, I apologize for not responding. Some days I can get around to everything and some days I can't. Yesterday was one of those jam-packed days when I didn't get anything done online. I have read all the comments....I just haven't responded yet.

Enough of that....let's get on to some art journal pages! It seems that I've been on a fruit kick lately. And here's another one with fruit!

Bright, sunny colors....

I've had this fruit image for a long time.
This seemed to be the day to use it!

I liked this girl....I added lots of swirls to her hair and gave her orange lipstick. Unfortunately the brown Sharpie that I used to write with doesn't show up very good. I need to think of a way to "beef" it up without messing it up. Any suggestions???
Here's my index card for yesterday....

I haven't done the index card for today yet. I have another busy day ahead so I hope I can squeeze in some art time. I still have a painting sitting on the floor beside my work table. The background is finished but nothing more. It's calling out to me.