Friday, June 17, 2011

More Fruity Themes....

If you have sent me an email or left a comment in the past couple of days, I apologize for not responding. Some days I can get around to everything and some days I can't. Yesterday was one of those jam-packed days when I didn't get anything done online. I have read all the comments....I just haven't responded yet.

Enough of that....let's get on to some art journal pages! It seems that I've been on a fruit kick lately. And here's another one with fruit!

Bright, sunny colors....

I've had this fruit image for a long time.
This seemed to be the day to use it!

I liked this girl....I added lots of swirls to her hair and gave her orange lipstick. Unfortunately the brown Sharpie that I used to write with doesn't show up very good. I need to think of a way to "beef" it up without messing it up. Any suggestions???
Here's my index card for yesterday....

I haven't done the index card for today yet. I have another busy day ahead so I hope I can squeeze in some art time. I still have a painting sitting on the floor beside my work table. The background is finished but nothing more. It's calling out to me.


  1. That spread looks really nice. And those fruits almost got me to run to the shop for some fruit. Yummy!
    And it really look like that girl has her tiger out.

  2. Janet, these colors are gorgeous! I love the work you've done recently - really fun.
    You have given me a little inspiration. Now if I can get going :)xoxoJanet

  3. Anonymous12:46 PM

    I love the pow of colors,, its summer for sure,, may I ask,, what is the index cards all the artists talk about?I'm a newbie,,

  4. Hi Janet,
    Well done on this bright fruity page.
    Lurve your index cards!
    Creative hugs,

  5. These pages are so awesome and uplifting. I love the one with the saucy girl on it. It looks great just the way it is.

  6. I wouldn't touch it! Looks awesome, I like the writing in the back ground. Love the girl, her hair and the lipstick,love the placement of the fruit... I really like both of them sooo much! As for responding, don't feel obligated. We know you as a very grateful person! Seriously you are one of the few who ever does....I do on occasion, but sometimes it's impossible to do it all! Just enjoy, if you visit others and leave a comment that should be good enough!

    Big hugs Giggles

  7. I think the page looks good just the way it is. Wait a day or two and look at it again, you'll like it better, I'm sure. Oh all that fruit is making me wish I had a houseful of it myself. I don't want to cook, don't want to eat anything but fruit and smoothies, but I have to go out and buy some! Maybe tomorrow.

    I'm worn out by the index cards and I just started! Yours all look terrific.

  8. LOVE the colors on your fruity page, and the images are neat, too!

  9. Your fruit page makes my mouth water! :)

  10. Hi Janet...I also like the spread just the way it is now. It's bright and colorful. Summer time seems to lend itself to fruit. I like your index card girl...I'm really enjoying the index card project...except, I've been so busy trying to catch up that I haven't done any journal pages or anything else. Have a great weekend!

  11. So juicy! This spread is so
    mouthwatering that I want to just have fruit all summer, lol. Love the girlie and her orange lipstick and attitude - great journal work!!! Jessi xox

  12. Janet!!! I just LOVE these art pages!!!!!!!!!!! AND I'm not an orange lover but these are FAB!!!


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