Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Summer Fruit Makes Art....

Lately I've really been bad at blogging. Here it is another week and I didn't post anything. But truthfully there hasn't been much to post. Mostly I've been busy freezing strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries so I can enjoy my fruit smoothies all year long.

The other day I put strawberries on a paper towel to dry before popping them into the freezer. When I looked at the paper towel it had all these pretty images left behind....

Being the recycler that I am I knew I wanted to use it!

Here it is on a spread in my art journal. I just added some pink paint and will find images of fresh fruit and do a spread about how much I love all the summer fruits.

I'm also working on a canvas....

I'm actually going to use it the tall way but for the photo I had to put it down on the work table. It's about 8" x 24" tall. I also bought three other canvases that are 4" x 12"....I like the tall, skinny canvases.

This is a close-up. I used scrapbook papers, then with a brayer added beige and teal paint. I also splopped on some random bits of a raspberry red. I used a couple of small hand-carved stamps and one text stamp. So far I'm happy with how it's progressing.

Today I'm getting out for a much-needed hair cut and will also pick up some index cards so I can join in (late!) on all the fun here.

That's all I have for today. I hope to have some progress on the painting in a day or so and also have the completed journal spread to share. Until then smile and have some fun!


  1. i love the canvas and the paper, those of my fav colours, cant wait to see what you come up with for index cards

  2. Looks great, can't wait to see the finished project! I too love fresh summer fruit and prefer it to chocolate. It shocks most of my chocolate addicted friends!

    I finished a canvas that shape a while back...it's on my daughters camera and I keep forgetting to post it! Yours looks awesome, can't wait to see the finished project!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Hi Janet...I love the journal background and how you incorporated the stained paper towel. I am really digging the canvas you have started...love the colors!

  4. Smoothies ... YES!!!!! Cook paper thanks to the strawberries and Smoothies .. YES! ;D ;D ;D

  5. Strawberry smoothies AND strawberry art- fabulous! Can't wait to see how that spread progresses. It's such a fab idea. The canvas looks really interesting too.

  6. Did I hear you say Fresh Strawberries? Yummy!! That is going to be a fun page your doing! Love the pinks and reds! I received a BEAUTIFUL and ORIGINAL Janet Postcard in the mail!! Love it!! Especially the little greena dn yellow striped cat :D Thank YOU!

  7. I love strawberries!!
    perfect recycling in using the strawberry paper.. you could make a journal collage telling how much you love strawberries and smoothies.. even put the recipe in!

    and teal paint *sigh*... my favourite colour

  8. Love the canvas Janet and the strawberry paper.
    I'm off for a haircut today as well.

  9. nice stuff - now I'm thinkin' it must be time to go to the local farmers market & grab some berries ~!~ Yum ~


  10. Love the strawberry recycled paper. It looks great. I also see you are having fun with that canvas. Can't wait to see what it becomes.

  11. life is full of surprises - what a lovely one you got and in such an unexpected way. i love the patterns on dried out tea bags and can't resist keeping them - weird i know but i think you understand.

  12. With my goal of using up my supplies and not buying more, I have the intention of dyeing papers with natural elements when I'll run out of paints. I've done it with coffee and tea in the past and loved the effect!
    Skinny canvases are fun to play with. Yours is coming along nicely.

  13. Thank God for freezers... and fresh summer fruit. That stawberry stained paper was a nice bonus and what a clever thing to do with it.
    We are enjoying blueberries and from our own yard. Hoping the deer do not get them as they did my pears.

  14. Love your strawberry paper! I am drawn to long narrow canvas' too..when I'm not drawn to the square ones! Love the pinks with turquoise. I have to check out the index card thing. Maybe it's something I can manage.

  15. Oh how I love fruit smoothies! I'm a strawberry freak. I think what you did with the berry dyed paper towel is awesome. I'm going to have to be more careful on what I throw into the garbage. Nice canvas too! Jessi xox

  16. I just love the way you come up with all these ideas and then use them in such a lovely way. Me, I would never have thought of using discarded paper towel like this. Brilliant!

  17. Eye of a real art journaler! I can picture you looking at the paper towel and the strawberry "stamps" on it. No one else will have a spread like you! How original.


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