Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Doing Some Catch-up....

Things have been very topsy turvy around Chez Art. I haven't been able to focus (my word for this year!) on anything recently but I hope that in the next few days things will be back to normal.

I haven't posted any of my index cards for quite some time so instead of boring you with individual photos of each one I just made a montage of them....

As you can probably tell, I'm getting bored with these cards. I'm not sure if it's because I've been distracted lately or if I'm just tired of making them. But I have to say these are not very interesting!

I've also blocked out a painting I'm working on now....

She's only in the very early stage but I wanted to get the idea down on canvas while it was fresh in my mind.

And just a little weird weather note....by this time of year we're usually baking here in the high desert. Last Saturday evening HB and I walked down to the park to see America. We both wore long sleeved tee shirts but we still had to leave before the concert was over because we were COLD!!! I know the middle of the country is just frying in heat. What is going on??


  1. Im impressed you are still doing all those cards! good for you for continuing even though you are growing restless. keep going! you are probably on a brink of creative genius! or not, in which case you should have no guilt in quitting. ha. I'm helpful, I know :)

  2. I love your montage! Beautiful. I also love that new painting, I can tell it is going to be gorgeous! I really need to get out my paint and brushes one of these days!
    I know, the weather has been very odd lately! At least we have some sunshine this summer!:)
    I pray you will be able to focus soon!
    Big hugs

  3. Your icads look great to me. Remember what you told me...just a few minutes on most, and longer on some. That's what I've been doing, and I am actually so happy that I am still DOING them. I really identify with the deer in the headlights one...Ha..me too with the math.

    That new painting looks interesting, I know it will be great.

  4. Oh..how exiting to see your new painting. Would have loved it if you let us follow your process. Good luck. The weather.... we are almost drowning here. One day it'll have to turn and it can only become better so I'm looking forward to that.

  5. I cant tell your getting bored, they look great, and the painting, looks fantastic, you started out with my fav colour yellow

  6. I like your montage Janet. I think you are doing well keeping up with this challenge, I think I would have given up by now. Remember to just do what works for you. :)
    I like the beginning of the new canvas too

  7. Your montage looks great and I really like the beginning of your painting- that's one of my fav colors of green :)

  8. the weather is weird all over - here including. We've had no winter to speak of really and they say its too dry, and watching the tour from france it just keeps raining over there too, so not much of a summer there either! I enjoyed looking at your cards and staying power for doing them.

  9. I think the new painting will be awesome. Its been hot here but this evening at a barbecue I got really cold and left early so I know what you mean.


  10. I've done 20 cards now and it's getting harder and harder. I did have today with #20. Made me smile and that is good. It's just good to put paint, paper, ink ... down on something!!!!!!! Hang in there! :D

  11. Janet I think it's great that you've stuck with the cards even if you're losing a little bit of momentum. Hang in there unless it stops being fun!

    PS - I love the brown one in the upper right corner with the shoes!

    Also looking forward to that canvas!

  12. I like this little card challenge, Janet. You can carry it in you purse with a few colored pencils and work it anytime the spirit moves you.


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