Monday, July 04, 2011

Holidays and Imperfections....

I hope you're all enjoying the 4th of July holiday here in the US. HB and I will drag our lawn chairs out to the front yard and watch fireworks all around our area. We never have to drive anywhere to see them....they're all around us.

Lately I haven't been painting much and that makes me sad. I love to paint. But there are times when it just isn't happening no matter what I do. So that's when I work in my art journal, make collages, and do other creative things.

I came across an unfinished painting recently....believe me, that isn't hard to do! And I decided to work on it even though it had a lot of problems.

No matter what I did this painting just wasn't going to work out so I decided to go with all the imperfections. Her chin is too small, her mouth is crooked, her nose is too long, she looks sad, etc, etc. But I still liked her! So I finished tweeking a few things, added the words and called her finished!

I've been making my index cards every day. 
Here are the latest ones....
Some paper scraps
and a magazine image

The one above and the one below
are collages of some of my previous art.

the one above is a quickie
done with gel pens
it doesn't show up too good....

That catches me up for now. I'm still going to try to paint something new today. If I keep showing up with my paintbrush in hand something is bound to happen sooner or later.


  1. I think your girl is cute with her imperfections. I've started ICAD and will post a bunch of them at one time.

  2. I really like your girl too in spite of the imperfections. Because of the different design one does not notice the "wrong" things or one expect her to be something different. Very good job.

  3. Loving your girl with imperfections, but that shows she's human right? x

  4. I really like your girl- she is funky and fun looking!
    Thanks for visiting my blog- come again I've got some more pgs up :)

  5. Imperfections are make us who we are.
    Love her.
    Happy 4th.

  6. Yes! Yes! Janet....keep showing up with that paintbrush and your muse won't have anywhere else to go! I like that girl too....something about her eyes and those long eyelashes! Happy 4th to you too :D

  7. her chin is too small, her mouth is crooked......
    sounds a little like most of us. we are all perfect just the way we are whatever crookedness we have. which means she is beautiful. xoxo
    paint some fireworks !!

  8. imperfect is good, she is just like the rest of us. loving the index cards

  9. I want to start painting too, maybe we need to make a pact to just do it!..... Love all the art as usual.

  10. I think she's cute as can be. I love her features. That green eyeshadow is right up my alley! LOL Wish I had those lashes. Nice Icads too.

  11. Happy 4th of July Dear Friend, big hugs, Mary

  12. There is a lot to be said for imperfections, if there were none there would be no reason to keep painting as it would be boring.

    Happy 4th. to you and your DH

  13. You always come up with the most interesting things. The girl with imperfections is very original and fresh, and her sad expression even adds to it. Love her!

  14. Happy 4th, Janet! We watched the fireworks from our driveway too...isn't that the best?

    I like your painting...I didn't notice any of the imperfections until you pointed them out...her colors are magnificent and she is very striking!

  15. She's fantastic Janet! So colourful and fun! And a good lesson we should all embrace our imperfections!

    Love your index cards too. I must try that medium out sometime.

  16. LOVE the painting, her dotted nose is perfectly funny and cool. Well done for finishing it!

  17. I found something really quirky and cool about your girl with imperfections! My mother always said never point out your flaws because then people will then hone in on them! I saw the girl as a whole, and never noticed those particular quirks until you pointed them out! You proved my mother right!! People do have imperfections, no chins, large noses, and still they have personality and beauty! I think you should do more of them!! I love the funky patterns too!

    Hugs Giggles

    Let yourself go, and draw without expectation!

  18. I love how your girlie turned out! Your index cards are really cool too. Keep the flow going - that paintbrush is bound to produce some fun art!
    Hugs, Jessi xox

  19. Why is it that we artist are such perfectionist with our own art for?

    I do not see anything imperfections here at all, she came out wonderful and you choice of colors are wonderful to set her mood.

  20. Hi Janet...I like your girl dots and all...hubs says that perfection is an illusion...I'm loving the card collages you are doing!

  21. I adore this painting! HEr sad eyes and mask like nose... you could project so much onto her. I really think she is just terrific!

  22. She does have a sadness to her, doesn't she? I think her imperfections make her cute and unique....nice job, Janet!

    I'm really enjoying your index cards...LOVE the collaged art ones!

  23. Happy belated fourth of July, though here in Canada it's Canada Day!
    I like your girl and it's nice to see one that isn't perfect in features etc., I draw mine too perfect most times.
    I love your little booklet and my favorite one is the flowers!
    Hugs and blessings

  24. A belated happy 4th to you, Janet! How lovely to be able to just sit in the driveway and enjoy fireworks! It's been way too long since I've seen any; so far, we haven't wanted to mess with the girls' bedtime schedule, so we've stayed in during the big fireworks holidays. Your painting is so interesting! I love her lace collar especially. Your index cards look great, seeing all of your techniques and approaches to doing them.

  25. This is OUTSTANDING!!! I think I love her because of her imperfections!!! She's beautiful - I love your blog too!!!

  26. "Be happy with your imperfections" - love that! It's those little imperfections that help make us who we are...if we were all perfect, life would be rather boring, wouldn't it? Your girl is perfectly lovely in her own unique way.
    Oo - an index card journal too! You've been busily creative as always. Off to see what else you've been up to, while I've been asleep at the wheel...

  27. Delightful cards such a good way to keep the creative juices going even when you don't have time to do a painting.
    Johnina :^A

  28. Your girl has a personality all her own Janet.Great page.
    I love seeing your artwork papers in the index cards.


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