Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot and Cold, Off and On....

As the song says "sometimes you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug"....that's how my art has been going recently. I'm struggling to keep going with it. There are some days when it just flows and I end up with something I like. But there are many more days when it isn't like that. There are days when things I think are going to work, don't and I end up with a disaster. I'm running hot and cold and I wish I could get to at least warm and stay there!

That is exactly what happened 
on my latest journal spread.
I started with a background I really like....

Then I saw an eye and began painting a face....

That was when it all went wrong!
I wasn't happy with the face and decided to
try something....and it didn't work!

She ended up looking terrible!
But you know I show my bad stuff anyway....

I'm not even posting a close up of the face side....
So I guess today I'm the bug!

I'll post my latest index cards in a few days. So far I'm keeping up with the challenge even though I think I've officially lost interest in it. I've started on my second spiral book of cards. There are enough to finish the challenge and even continue until September 8th. I plan to finish all of them and then start on my Rolodex cards. Maybe if I keep going my enthusiasm for them will return. At least I'm using up a lot of little scraps.


  1. Hi Janet...Your journal page is just fine...I love the colors you chose...everything's not going to turn out like we think it should. I like your index cards...I'm losing interest a bit also, I've got to get back in the swing of it. I like doing them but this week, I've been off. Later...

  2. Janet,

    First I know what you are saying as I think we all have this going on. I painted a face today and spent hours on the page and decided to just let it go. I had repainted the face 3 times and still was not happy. Now I am thinking of it as an exercise in play. Then I did another page in just five minutes, it was so easy it was scary, of course it was not painting a face just a journal page with stamping and images.

    Second I like the face you did. It might not be what you envisioned but I think its great!

  3. I think your girl looks great- I love the colors too. I agree our art doesn't always turn out how we picture in our minds,but that's okay especially if we learn something for next time :)

  4. Oh Janet join the but at least yours turned out brilliantly as I love the colour combinations and your face has so much interest. Maybe not perfect to you, but definitely perfect to me. Annette x

  5. The good the bad and the ugly springs to mind Janet but I do think you are too hard on yourself as I have often told you.
    You need the ugly to remind yourself that you are human my friend. :-)

  6. hey if you are making art - then you are not the bug!

  7. You may look at this page later and appreciate it more fully. I think it is artfully done. and love the colors. We are always are own worst critics.

  8. Sometimes beauty is in the eye of the beholder I loved the face and the way it turned out. Don't give up even when things don't seem to work out you may come back later to find that you love it too or learn from it and go on with a smile in your heart for what you learned.
    Johnina :^A

  9. yes janet - even your 'bad' pages are great! Sometimes even the worst of our pages isnt so bad! I like it anyway!

  10. Hi Janet - know the bug windshield thing well. But sometimes we only think we are the bug! I think your face is stunning - I suppose you had an exception of how you wanted it to turn out. Anyhow, a bug hitting the windshield could make a pretty interesting pattern on the windshield!

  11. Janet, I really like the face! But I do totally get the windshield/ bug thing. Glad you kept at it though. Sometimes things are nice (to others) even if they don't match our hopes for it. I think all your faces are amazing!

    Can't wait to see your index cards.

  12. The page is fine but I can see that this is not to your "normal" standard. When I look at the second photo I really love the face and isn't there a second face there too?
    Thanks for sharing the whole process, it's so nice to see how others are doing during their process.

  13. I agree with what all the others have said. I'd be willing to bet if you run across that page a few months from now you'll say "Hey that looks pretty cool, who did that?"

    At least you "did", and isn't that what it's really about?

  14. That's the beauty of an art journal, as far as I'm concerned...just turn the page and start on something else! I can't wait to see you work on your Rolodex cards; I am going to get started on mine as well, so we can "compare notes"!

  15. We are our own worst critics, Janet, but truth be told, you are still creating, still struggling through it. That is the difference between an artist and a wanna be. Bravo to you.

  16. Thank you Janet for visiting me and your generously nice comments on my cone.Now,see how we all view art differently,Lavender and purple are lovely-it's hard to go wrong with them in my eyes-I love your girl.Denise

  17. You are so hard on yourself! I looked at pictures before I read what you wrote and - I LOVED your journal spread. I thought it was creative, original, different... with beautifully used colors. And then I read how you don't like it... Good thing that you get to share it with the world so even if you don't like it - we can. :-)

  18. Oh I love the colours on your page Janet, and I like your lady.


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